Joys of Caravanning

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Well we are now a few months into 2017 I wish you a super Caravan/Motor Home season whether you are spending time in the UK or over the Channel in Mainland Europe.   




THIS WINTER/SPRING I have been doing Routes to Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia for Visitors or Members of this my Website.                                                                                                                                                                                      The Route contains Campsites we have used over the past 14 years 80% of them taking the ACSI Camping Card.  With this a Map is supplied of the Route which if you don't want to book ahead allows you to see a possible route to use.  Please email me at and I will contact you back for details of your planned time in the above Countries.


New English Owned Campsite in Western Hungary.

For more information on this new venture please have a look at details on Latest News and Info Page on this Website or go to link on the Website Link Page.




This website is quite useful if you want more from your EHIC Health Card for travelling abroad.  This is for a FREE CARD and is not a fee paying site which some people have been unfortunate in dealing with.

Link Here




If you are interested in joining a very friendly New Caravan/Motorhome Forum look here at