Joys of European Caravanning


10th Trip to Europe Page 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Day Trip to Italy and Slovenia.   

To day is Sunny and Warm so off on a day's trip taking a picnic with us.

We left Jodl Camping at 10.10 am and drove towards Villach and then onto the 83 which goes through Villach to Arnoldstein to Italy 23 miles.  Took us 50 minutes due to traffic in Villach there is a quicker route via the Autobahn but we were not in a hurry today.

Went over the Border into Italy at 11 am just 23 miles from Jodl Camping, Alt Ossiach.  Drove directly to Tavisio  arriving in the town at 11.10 am.  Just on the Right as you enter the shopping area, opposite the Market Place there is a new carpark 60 cents an hour.  On crossing the road is the Church and Market Place is a nice outside or inside cafe for a coffee before touring around the town.  

The Information Office further down the Main Street on the right is excellent for any info you require and they will give you a map of the area and another with directions to the Fusine Lakes of which there are two the first one you can walk around and there are two restaurant/cafe's on it.  The second has a large carpark with a cafe on it and very nice Toilets.

We left Tavisio on and travelled the 6.3 miles to the second lake arriving at 1.05 pm  Height above sea level of 950 mts.had our picnic and a walk to the rocks near the Lake to take photo's.  The Lake was very much larger than last year with springs bubbling up from underneath. Due I expect from more snow falling in the winter this year.

We left the lake at 1.55 pm and took the road 54 to Slovenia going over the border at 2. 11 pm. Just 4 miles from the Lakes. Drove through Slovenia and arrived at the Austrian border at 2.21 pm just 5 miles on.  So three countries visited in 26 minutes, not bad.

We then took the Wurzenpass back to Arnoldstein, Villach, Hofer at Treffen to do some food shopping at the Western end of Ossiacher See, drove home to Jodl down the north side of the See and arrived home at 4.15 pm time for a coffee in the Cafe.  Mileage in total was 69 miles and a very nice day out.

While entering Tavisio we noticed everywhere was decorated with pink ribbon and flowers.  Decorated Bicycles were situated all over the town too.  We ask the Cafe owner what they were for and he said that tomorrow the 96th Giro D'Italia Cycle Tour was visiting the town for the 14th and 15th May.  Every time they hold this they have a different colour, this year being Rosen (Pink.)


Photo's of Tavisio and some Bicycles.





Bike with Market Place behind.


Lake Fusine. Notice lovely colour of the water.

The Mountains beyond.

Slovenian/Austrian Border on Wurzenpass.

Afternoon Trip to Magdalensberg.

This Trip is just a short one 27 miles there and 27 miles back.  A very nice short round trip to the top of a mountain.

Just before we left for this trip 2 British Caravans arrived so chatted and welcomed them John giving them a little help setting up and then we left them to settle in. 

You have to make for Klagenfurt on the main road from Feldkirchen and turn off to Maria Saal.  A very nice little village with a lovely church which use to be part of a Convent.  Further down the road t  Magdelanesberg is the Museum of a collection of old Farmhouses brought there from all over this area of Karnten.  It is well worth a visit.  More can be seen ofthis on last years trip and on the Austria Info. Page.

Driving on if you follow a Tom Tom Sat Nav it will take you a nice country route of which at the end you start to climb up the mountain of 1,058 metres above sea level.  At the top are wonderful views and wonderful old church and a Gasthaus name of the Gipfelhaus.  They serve excellent food at a very reasonable price.  We fancied a Coupe Denmark as you will see below.  Price €4.50. as it was warm at 20 deg C. at this height today. 


Photo Maria Saal Church..

Church, Gipfelhaus and View.



The Gipfelhaus.

Mountains in the far background are the Karawanken between Austria and Slovenia.

Morning Trip to the Villacherstrasse.

When we left Jodl Camping it was 11am and it was 20 deg.Centigrade   Set off along the Southside ofthe Ossiacher See to St.Andra through Landskron and through Villach.  Arrived at the Toll Gate at 11.35am.  Paid the Toll of €15, whic covers a car with all passengers inside.

We arrived at the Aichingerhutte  for a Hot Chocolate 11.55 am and then drove to the top carpark arriving at 12.45 pm just 24 miles from Jodl.   We had our picnic lunch with a wonderful view over the Mountains of Austria, Slovenia and Italy it is a spectacular sight.  13.5 deg at the top.  When we arrived back at Jodl on our returntrip it was a nice 24 deg. centigrade.  Very comfortable heat for us.     


Timber being transported down the Mountain.

Ski Complex where the local and Karnten Champion Skiers train.

Short day out to St Veit an der Glan and Gurk with trip back on side road.

We drove from Jodl at 11.45 am 18.5 deg centigrade to Feldkirchen via the back road andthen joined the main on the 94 to Liebenfels and into St Veit.  Tuning left just inside the town we drove around the noth side of the nice littlewalled town and  up through the villages of Kraig, Mellach, Pisweg on a minor road through the hills, where we had a picnic lunch 900 metres above sea level.  After lunch we motored on to Gurk where the lovely Convent and Church dominates the little town.  We stopped to watch a wedding procession make its way through the town to a local restaurant.



Gurk.  You can see where the approach road is in the gaps in the trees.

The Convent and Church.

Jouurney back to Ossiacher See

Leaving Gurk on the 93 we came upon a unique new Bus stop at the entrance road to the village of Zweinitz wherewe drove a few miles up through the village and up through the valley with some beautiful houses and gardens along the road.

The overshot mill wheel was turning and looked so attractive.

Village of Zweinitz.

What a lovely House.

Back on the road 93.

Back on the main road we drove a few kilometers to the large village of Weitensfeld  on a trip across the hills we have done many times and always enjoy.

Photo's of surrounding area.                                                                               Very old traditional Karnten Farmhouse.

Triffen Station on the cycle route to Feldkirchen.

View up the Ossiachersee from the road on the southern side of the See.

This lovely part wooden building is the Fish restaurant at Ossiach which burnt down last July but now is full rebuilt again.

Atrio Indoor Shopping Centre Villach. Good place to visit on a wet day. Good shops and free all day underground carpark. 


View taken on leaving the Ossiachersee to join the A10 on our way to return home. Unusual photo of the Karawanken with snow and cloud.

Beautiful views from the car on the A10.


Approach to the Katchberg Tunnel nice weather.

Weather on coming out the other side of the Tunnel.  We have always experienced better weather on the South side of the 2 tunnels Tauern and Katchberg. Photo taken  in between tunnels.

Werfen Castle where the film "Where Eagles Dare" was filmed. Taken from the A10.

Weather in Salzburg.  This is how it was it rained and rained for the next day and a half.  Not many miles on from here on the A8 the traffic was at a standstill due to amount of vehicles travelling back from the Holiday Weekend of Corpus Christi.  We decided to come off the A8 at the approach road for Traunstein,  the home town of the last Pope Benedict, and cut across to Neustadt an der Donau for an overnight stop.. 

Floods across Lower Bavaria but no roadswere affected or closed.  

Note the panels on Farm Buildings a norm in Germany.

Firemen and women on duty for the floods.

We spent a very restful night in the Gasthof Gigl in the main street.  Had an excellent supper served in a very elegant dining room.  Breakfast was excellent too served in another very tasteful room.  Price for Bed and Breakfast for two was €65.  which we thought was excellent value.    Next morning we made our way to Regensburg to visit the ADAC Office to have a coffee and chat with Ms Amanda Moser -Wickles sadly Ms Barbara Lorenz was off sick so we missed her.   By Lunchtime the rain had stopped and we stopped at a unique Services on the A6.                                                                                                                        

By lunchtime the rain had stopped and we stopped at a services on the A6 photo's to follow. 


Neustadt an der Donau.  A very nice town pity about the weather.

We arrived back at Prumtal Camping to stop 2 nights in the Mobilehome we stayed in on our way down to Austria.  Weather on the way changed a bit and was lovely.

On a country ride around I took these photo's of the village of Oberweis first the Bakers and Butches and the Garage which has a drinks market and cafe.  


Rittersdorf Castle which is a Restaurant a few miles away.


Dorint Resort Stausee

Next day we set off for The Tunnel and decided on a change of route going cross the Ardennes to Dinant for lunch and then up to Namur, Mons and Lille arriving at the Tunnel an hour early, catching the hour earlier train and home at 9pm.   Mileage for the whole trip was 3,331.   Verdict was a lovely holiday and journey to Austria was quicker and more relaxing than with the caravan but missed the caravan atmosphere on site.  The apartment at Jodl was lovely and we really enjoyed the traditional Austrian accommodation. Met up with old friends and made new ones from three different countries UK, Austria and Germany.  Saw some wonderful scenery and visited some interesting places.  Just what a caravan holiday is all about even though we did not have the caravan.