Joys of European Caravanning


10th Trip 2013.  Something Different.

I have been contacted by many members of this website asking about our trip this year.  Well this year the trip will be very different, in as much as, sadly we are travelling without the Caravan which has a problem with it that cannot be rectified before we go away.

The Tunnel is booked for 24th April 2013 returning on the 5th June 2013.

We will be travelling down to Germany stopping at Prumtal Camping, Oberweis as usual but this time we are booked into one of their new static caravans see here  and click on On the Campsite. and then in the list Mobilehomes.  

We will then be driving down to near Kempten and spend a night at a hotel (will give details later).  We will then make the next journey down to Jodl Camping on the Ossiachersee here   (you will need Google translate on their toolbar for it to come up in English), where we have an apartment booked for just over four weeks.  We leave here at the end of May but have not decided on the route or stops yet. 



On Our Way and First Stop Prumtal Camping at Oberweis near to Bitburg.

Well we left Home on the night of 23rd April at 11.45 pm, arrived at the Tunnel 24th April 1.45 am and boarded the train at 3.25am.  Arrived at Coquelles at 4.30 am.

After 2 stops for coffee and then breakfast and fuel arrived at Prumtal Camping at Oberweis at 11 am.

We then unpacked and settled into our Mobile Home which was very nice 2 years old 2 bedrooms, seperate bathroom and toilet.  Main room has table seating 6 persons. Kitchen with large fridge/freezer Centrally Heated by Gas, Sky TV but no English programms only news channels.

Dinner in the lovely Restaurant and early to bed.


Photo's.  The Mobile Home.

Dining and Sitting Area.



Bedroom 1.

First Day.

We decided to visit our favourite town on the Mosel of Bernkastel-Kues as it is another beautiful day. After parking the car down by the river we had coffee at the Conditorei Hanson,  then a walk around the town before a light lunch at the Mosel Blumchen Hotel.  Travelling back to Prumtal at 3.30 pm.  


The Square Bernkastel.

Conditorei on the far right top of the Square.

View from the Bridge.

Second Day.

Sorry no photo's today it rained and was very dull.  Luckily we had visitors coming.  Lutz (from 3 of the UK Forums) and his wife came and spent half a day with us.

After coffee in the mobile home we went to the restaurant and ate Italian lunch which was excellent before returning to the Home for a Caravan Chat.  A very nice day.  This is the the fourth time we have met up with Lutz either in Germany or England he is a very interesting and knowledgeable person.

Third Day Luxembourg.

Being our last day here we had to venture into Luxembourg to fill the car up with Diesel.  We called in at the lovely shop of Thiex Furniture and Homeware shop on the way to Vianden for a coffee and then we travelled on to Echternacht where we had a nice light lunch and then back to Vianden  picked up the Diesel and back to Prumtal to pack ready for off tomorrow and to visit the Restaurant for Dinner in the early evening. Diesel €1.184 a litre in pounds £1.050.

The Bridge at Vianden.

View of Square in front of Moselblumchen with Vineyards in the background.

Price of Fuel in Luxembourg.

Sunday 28th April.

Got an early start at 9 am as we received news from ADAC that there were 9 seperate Roadworks on the A8 between Karlsruhe and Munchen.  We though Sunday was a good time to get half the journey to Austria completed with no Lorries.  As there was only one lot of roadworks where there were men working we had only one lot of holdups getting further on than we anticipated we decided to go around Munchen at 5 pm and travel another hour before finding a d Bed and Breakfast.  This we found at 6 pm in the village of Achau just before Lake Chiemsee just off the A8.

The name of the Gasthaus was Kampenwand it was €68. B & B The room we had was huge with a table and chairs, sofa and kitchen unit in it and a large TV.    The breakfast was the usual German Fruchstuck.  We also had a very good meal at the Gasthaus which was full of Locals and well used.  The staff were charming and very helpful too.  Everywhere was spotlessly clean and tidy in the normal German fashion.

Monday 29th April.

We were up nice and early and on the road at 8.30 am.  Got fuel and the 2 months Vignette in the local garage before venturing back onto the A8.  Not long till we were near to Salzburg and onto my favourite Autobahn the A10. Stopped briefly at the Tauern Alm Services for Coffee and then on through the long Tauern Tunnel and as expected the weather changed to very Sunny and Warm. You pay before the next Tunnel which is the Katchberg.  €10.  Strange to us is that they had just pressure washed all through the tunnels before we arrived.

Arrived Jodl Camping at Ossiach at 11.48 am and after a warm welcome unloaded the car and unpacked.  One thing is with out the caravan the journeys were so much quicker and a lot less fuel.

The Apartment is lovely a large Hall leading into a nice fully equipped Kitchen with Breakfast Corner, a separate Toilet and large Bathroom, the Master Double Bedroom and lastly into the Dining Lounge with large Balcony off.  Another door in here leads into the Second Double Bedroom.  All very well furnished and decorated.  We have the same view out of the Bedroom and Kitchen windows plus Balcony we had with the caravan.  

Weather when we arrived was Sunny and a Warm 26 deg.C.  All the trees, bushes and flowers were much further on that those we left in the UK 5 days ago. 


The Lounge.

Dining end of the Lounge.


Main Bedroom.



View from the Bedroom and Kitchen Window.  Looks strange without our caravan standing on Kaiserstrasse.

30th April 2013

This being our first day at Jodl we decided to take it easy and after putting the washing into one of  the campsite washing machines went and had coffee at the Cafe, after hanging the washing out decided to take our Picnic Lunch up onto the Ossiacher Tauern the mountain behind the campsite.  We then went into Feldkirchen to take a look in the Factory Shop at Ara Shoes.  Ended up with a pair of shoes each, such good value for high class make of shoes. Then back to the Apartment to sunbathe on the balcony in the afternoon.   In early evening we went into village near to Feldkirchen taking German friends, who had their motorhome at Jodl till tomorrow, when they go on to Croatia.  In this village of Liebetig where the Farmhouse Buschenschenke Rupping is situated we had our supper sitting out in the farmyard.  As I have mentioned before in last years trip these Farmhouses situated through Austria serve food but only that which is produced by them on their own farm.  The food consists of various meats, cheeses. pate and sausage.  Home made bread and Most (Cider) and Apple Juice which you can have alone or mixed. The food is at a very reasonable price and very enjoyable. 

Photo's of Food.  This is my dish. Schweinsbratenbrot.  Brown bread with slices of pork meat covered with  grated Horseradish. €4.00.

John's Plate is Hanslbauerjause  Selection of Meats and Cheese with basket of brown bread. €7.50. 

1st May.

We had an early breakfast in Jodl Cafe with our friends who left afterwards.  John had Ham and Eggs umpteen slices of ham with 3 fried eggs on top and coffee.  I had a Vienna Breakfast. Boiled egg, 2 Semmel (bread rolls, butter and jam, with Vienna Melange Coffee, Very nice we usually eat at the cafe for Sunday Breakfast every week.

After breakfast we went to get some diesel at Hofer (Aldi in the UK) € 1.304 per litre not bad.  Then on the way back home stopped at Bodensdorf to watch the May 1st (being public holiday) Maypole prosession.  It has a wonderful atmosphere with marching brass band and everyone in National Dress. Each person is handed a small handmade brooch, which you are expected to give a small donation.


The Ladies with the brooches,they know us now after 10 years of us attending this event.

The Procession.

The Horses.

The Band.


The Tree.  First Part.

Tree Second Part.  Approx 30 ft or more in length.

Lazy Days.

This year we have more lazy days, sunbathing on the campsite or on our lovely Balcony from early afternoon.  Of course there has been the usual coffee mid morning in the cafe and bits of food shopping. One morning it was dull and a little damp so we took a trip into Villach to the Atrio Shopping Centre.  It is an excellent shopping complex all under cover.  The carpark houses 2000 parking spaces ALL FREE for as long as you like.  Each aisle has a lit sign saying how many spaces are available in the rows.  Then over the top of each space is a light showing green when empty and red when occupied.  Spaces too are much wider than the usual UK ones. There is Underground and Overground parks with lifts from the underground areas which are marked in colours to match the parking area you are in so easy to find when returning to the car.

There are many cafes and very interesting shops to cater for all interests including Designer and reasonable priced clothes and the now no British C&A. 

Saturday the 4th May.

To day we went to do our food shopping in Euro Spar in Feldkirchen and Hofer after parking the car and visiting the old town. I was looking for an outfit for my Grandson's Wedding in August as could not find anything I liked in the UK. Went into the local clothing store of Nimmo's  where they have very nice clothing mostly Designer but reasonable prices and found just what I wanted and they gave me €30. discount.

Sunday the 5th May.

We had our usual Jodl Cafe breakfast at 9 am and then had a relaxed day going out to have supper at the other Buschenschenke of Khobl further away than the one we visited in the week and slightly cheaper for the same sort of food.  It was excellent.

The Brooch.

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