Joys of European Caravanning


11th Trip in Europe 2014 this will be with the Caravan.  Have not yet decided on the date but will be booking the Tunnel soon in April after Easter.


At the moment the plan is to make our first stop at here Prumtal Camping near to Bitburg.  Now in March our normal pitch is booked for 3 nights. 

The second stop will be Camping Waldpark at Hohenstadt

3rd stop at Camping Vierthaler,  here where the Castle as photo below is situated and used in the film Where Eagles Dare.  Have booked a pitch at the campsite near there, non ACSI Camping Card but price not over the top.  Every time we have travelled either up or down the A 10 I have said I want to visit this Castle one day.  From here we can visit Bertchesgaden and the Wolfgangsee two of our favourite places to visit.

The next stop you can probably guess will be, our second home, Jodl Camping on the Ossiachersee.  here 6th March our normal pitch is all booked for 6 weeks.

Yesterday we started to re-pack the caravan which has stood empty since Ausust 2012.  John has been checking everything works and it does except for the toilet flush, this we expected could be a problem, so a new switch has to be purchased.  


Jodl Camping taken this winter 2014.

TheTrip starts here at Prumtal Camping after good trip down to, and on the Tunnel.  Journey to Prumtal uneventful, no Punctures.

Prumtal Camping , Oberweis.

There has been lots of good facilities added here.

1. Excellent Free WiFi over the entire Campsite

2. New Toilet and Shower Block which is superb.  Special facilities for Toddlers and Dogs. Washing of Clothes Room and Washing up area.  Photo's to follow.

3.  84 or so Serviced Pitches added in front of the new Shower Block.

The Restaurant still Excellent Good Food and Excellent Value.

Staff very helpful inall an excellent 5* Campsite to stop at. 

Photo's   The Shower/Toilet Block.

Toddlers Wash Basins, Special Showers and Toilets are in this separate room off the entrance lobby.    

Ladies Section.

New Serviced Pitches photo taken from toilet block.

Dog Shower.

Second Stop for just One Night.

We left Prumtal en route for Waldpark Campingat Hohenstadt for one night we have stopped here before some years ago and the site is still as good.  The Owners cannot do enough for you.  Free WiFi is available but limited within an area of the Office so if visiting ask at the office before you set up if needing WiFi.

On site there is a very nice Italian Restaurant which we visited again.  We had an excellent meal and the price was very reasonable.  We can thoroughly recommend this ACSI Campsite for one or more nights. Places to visit in the area are mentioned in Info on Germany and our last visit there. Moving here on a Sunday meant a very quite journey.

Third Campsite.

After a good journey down to Werfen we arrived at, a new campsite to us, near to the Schloss above which we have passed many times down and back from Southern Austria over the last 30 years.  I have always wanted to visit this Castle which was used in films "Where Eagles Dare"and "The Sound of Music". I decided to search for a campsite nearby and found one on the Main ACSI Website.  The Campsite does not take ACSI Camping Card but was reasonably priced at €18.50 per night.  It is a very nice campsite with very friendly owners which has been owned by the Family since the 1960's.  

The name of the Campsite is Camping Vierthaler,  Reitsam 8, A-5452 Pfarrwarfen, Austria.    The site is rather like a large CL in the UK is very rural and sits along the River  the one downfall is the railway runs down the other side of the river.  The trains did not worry us though, even during the nights.  Pitches are situated down the side of the river and also in an orchard adjacent to the Owners Home.  If parked in the later you can get Free WiFi other wise there is a large enclosed Gazebo situated next to the house/office where you can sit with your Laptop/Tablet and get good free wifi. The Owners are at the moment considering extension of wifi to cover the whole Campsite.  The Gazebo has a bar in it too which I expect they only open in high season.

There is a small Toilet/Shower Block on site, separate Ladies and Gents housing 3 Washbasins, 3 Toilets and 1 Shower.  The area is not heated.  A small charge is made for the Shower.

In the House there is the Office where you can sign in, get information and order/pick up BreadRolls and Cooked Pizza's.  Which can be recommended.  Website is

We enjoyed this Campsite very much can recommend it thoroughly and hope to visit again in the near future.  The area around is superb and only 5minutes to/from the A10 Autobahn, which incedently you cannot hear at all from the campsite. 


House Office and Gazebo.

View from the small road above.


Photo's The Campsite.

Schloss Werfen. Austria. Taken from A 10 Autobahn.

A Visit to the Castle above.

After many years of intending to visit this castle 2014 was the year to do it. From the Campsite it was just a couple of miles.  There is a carpark at the bottom and you can catch a lift to the top.  The cost of the Lift which included a guided tour was and the Birds of Prey Show €12. 50. with the discount taken off with a Discount Card given to us by Camping Viethaler when signing in.

The Castle is beautifully preserved and in excellent condition.  Restaurant/Cafe on the floor you arrive on. Unfortunately we arrived to late to see the Birds so we had a coffee till the next tour started.  The Tour was extensive and included quite a lot of steps and stairs.  We even taken to the highest point the Clock/Bell Tower.   Views were wonderfull from every level went.  The Guidespoke in German but you were offered a telephone in the language of your choice for commentary of the tour.

This Castle was used for filming "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Sound of Music"   It is a wonderful experience not to be missed.  Website 


Photo Castle Entrance.

View from the Courtyard and Cafe.

View from the Bell Tower.

Clock with Shop Below.

Enroute on A10, Tauern Autobahn to Ossiachersee.

This is a very picturesque road through the Tauern National Park.  Covering 119 miles you will pass through 12 Tunnels first of the largest Tunnels is the Tauern at 6,4 km (4.0 miles long elevation of 1,340 mts (4,400 ft) above sea level.  The next largest tunnel is the Katschberg 5.9 km (3.7 miles) long.  This Autobahn has a special environmental speed limit of 110 km/h (68 mph) between 10.00 PM and 5.00 AM.  From 5.00 AM and 10 PM speed limit is 130 km/h (81 mph)  Solo.  A note to remember is that in Austria in case of an emergency keep to Left hand or Right hand side to allow emergency vehicles to pass down the middle without obstruction.  Before you proceed on this Autobahn make sure you get your Vignette or Go Box, the latter, for Motor Homes over 3.5 tonnes. 

A Bit Dull on this Day but better the other side of the Katschberg Tunnel. 

Coffee Time at Tauern Alm Services before the Tauern Tunnel.  

Jodl Camping.

This is a 5* Campsite and takes the ACSI Camping Card it is very well maintained by the Familie Thaler Karin and Andreas who are very friendly and helpful.  

The Cafe plays a large part on the campsite where you can order your Rolls for collection the next morning.  Wonderful breakfasts can be had in the cafe we indulge in this every Sunday John having a Bauernfruhstuck which is Ham and 3 eggs,  2 Bread Rolls and Butter and a glass of Orange Juice which is €8.50  I have the Viennafruhstuck which consists of a Boiled Egg, 2 Bread Rolls, Butter and Jam cost €3.20.  Coffee is extra.

During the day a range of Coffee is available and various scrumptious Cakes + Apfel Strudel.  Many other drinks are available such as Hugo's, Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks.  Hot Chocolate is good too.   A variety of Pizza's are available to order, at any time of day, to eat in or take away.  The Ice Cream Carte is especially good and includes ices drinks too.

Jodl Cafe and Reception.


Well we arrived at Jodl Camping early in the day as we had only 95 miles to do from Pfarrwerfen.  After a very welcoming arrival from the Thaler Familie we got set up and awning erected.  Television set up with Digi Box and Satellite Dish.  Not a great deal of programs in English just Sky News, CNN, True Movies 1 and 2 + a few others.  This is a result of the new satellites and the reduced footprint.  Luckily we were able to receive Austrian programs Orf 1 and 2 on the caravan aerial and watch Formula 1.  There is not much more I can say on Jodl Camping just as good as ever we feel so at home here and the views etc are marvelous. This year the other caravaners who arrived seemed extra friendly and the atmosphere was excellent.  We made many new friends and met up with lots of old friends Austrian, German, Dutch and English.  Following are photo's and description of places we visited this year.   

Portschach on Worthersee.

This is a lovely small town to visit it is where we first visited and stopped some 30 years ago when flying to this lovely area of Karnten (Carinthia).  The water front is just like an exclusive seafront with wonderful flower beds, lovely gardens to the hotels and restaurants.  The Worthersee is warmed by hot springs and is clear blue.

To visit this town drive to the Railway Station just off the main street at the eastern end of the town.  You can park in the station carpark free of charge.  When leaving the car go to the Information Office which is situated on the main road straight opposite to the station road.  Here you can get a map of the town and See also information on the pleasure boats on the See.  It is a real treat, food is available on Board and if you get a round trip (Rundafart) ticket you can spend the day on the See stopping at three of the other towns on the Worthersee and finish back where you started.

Backerei Weinerroither.  Wonderful Coffee and Cakes.

Information Office.

The Station Carpark.


Trip up the Wollaner Nock Pass

This was a very pretty ride along the back of the Mountain on the north side of the Ossiachersee.  Take the 98 from the west end of the See, Treffen then after a few miles take right turn to Arriach turn off the road to the village of Arriach, this village is the center of the area of Karnten.   Continue through the village and follow the pass sign.  It is a rough road but the views at the top are wonderful.  There is a disused Lift up there and when we arrived the ground was covered with mauve and white Crocus you could not walk across them. 






Eating out at Farms in Austria..

To go out for a very reasonable meal in Austria visit a Buschenschank in Austria. There are two in the area near to Jodl one is Kobl at Maltschach near to Feldkirchen the other near to the Airport in Feldkirchen named Tavern Ruppnig in village of Liebetig. Theses Farmhouses are only allowed to serve what they produce in Food and Drink.  Meat and Cheeses, Bread, Most (Cider) Apfelsaft (Apple Juice) or mixture of both.  Also Apple and Pear Liquers. Below is a photo of one of the dishes served to us at Kobl, for two persons €11 and we had difficulty eating it all.


A very unusual Motor Home visited Jodl.

New Place to visit on the Worthersee is the Pyramidenkogel.  It is the Worlds highest Wooden Observation Tower.

We, along with friends we met from joining this website, decided to visit this Tower which is 900 metres high.  It was a lovely hot summers day and we had a coffee at the restaurant before buying our tickets to go to the top of the Tower.  After getting the tickets we went through the barrier and asked an attendant where we alighted the lift.  He said 'the lift has broken down'  we thought he was joking at first but then realized he was telling us the truth. So we decided to give the stairs a try and without much trouble and a few stops to take photo's we managed the approx. 400 steps up to the topmost floor.  The views were tremendous and I will post some photo's below.  We then decided to walk back down and not use the helter skelter.  I must add the lift was soon mended.  This was a wonderful experience and for cost of €11 per person was worth every cent. Information here







Below I have put some photo's of some interesting places to visit and interesting customs. .  A view across the See at Jodl. 

They clean the See daily to get rid of Algea and Pollen so you can enjoy your swim in the warm water.

Driving around the country roads of Austria you will come across a lot of these,  The name of these are Bildstock's and are usually paid for by families in memory of relations who have died as the result of an accident. This one was painted by an English friend of ours who lives in Karnten originates from Norwich, was stationed in Volkermarkt at the end of WW2, married a local girl and did these paintings for a living.  He also painted views on side of Houses.  

Traditional way of serving coffee in Austria is to always accompany it with a class of cold water.  This photo is a lovely way to serve this.

A Typical old house of the area.

A Trip to Italy.

This is a great day out to visit Tavisio in Italy just 25 to 35 minute ride from Jodl Camping.  Our first stop after parking the car is a good Italian Coffee in a caffee on the square.  Then a walk up the main street to look in the shops.  Back to the car and a ride to the wonderful lakes at Fusine where we had our picnic lunch.  After that we visited the famous indoor market which was full of leather and fashion goods.  Never seen so many handbags in one place in my life every colour and shape you can think about.  My husband did buy me a handbag but not in the Market but in a super shop next door where service was excellent.   



The Indoor Market.

Hoping to add more content of the trip every day now we are back home.


The Shop Next Door.

A Trip up the Nockalmstrasse is a must if stoppping in this area,  Cost is for car and occupants. €16.50.  We always take a picnic but stop at one of the Restaurants on the route.  Usually opens May 1st snow permitting till October. 


Interesting way of decorating the electric pole across the road from your house in a village en route to the Nockalm.

Porche Museum and the Maltapasse.  This is a slightly longer trip but the route along the Millstatersee to Gmund is a lovely ride.  Once in Gmund cisit the museum €7 per person.  website for more info is  There is now a small cafe outside which is excellent.

More info €18 per car.



A nice short day trip is to St Veit an der Glan and then on to Gurk where there is a wonderful Monestry and Church.  Drive home via the Gurktal valley it is beautiful.


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