Joys of European Caravanning


12th Trip Page 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Day trip to Slovenia.

Leaving Jodl Camping we drove to the Wurzenpass which is very seep winding road unfit for Caravans but easy Solo.  There is a lovely view at the end of the pass looking over your first glimpse of Slovenia. A Layby available for viewing and photo's.  

Two notes about this Country are it is law to have Day Light Runnng Lights on.  Another tip along the Lake Bohnji all car parking has Metres we discovered except for the one we stopped in by the little church where there is max. 1 hour parking. This was new since our last visit.  We did not travel on the Autobahn so did not need a Vignette. 

Photo from the Layby.

After passing by Kranjska Gora we made for Lake Bled and then Lake Bohnji beyond for a picnic lunch.  Boats used to ferry visitors over to the Island.

You will see lots of these hay drying racks all over the countryside I find them very attractive.

Lake Bohnji.


This lovely little painted church is about half way down the lake where there is parking for our picnic.  At the end of the lake is a very spectacular waterfall.


After leaving Lakes Bohnji and Bled we made for the road number 101 to the Loiblpass which at the top is the Concentration Camp where the men were interned when building this Pass and Tunnel during WW11.  There is a Memorial to these Men near the ruins of the Camp.

It is quite a pretty road and takes you to Klagenfurt where we then drove on back to the Caravan on Ossiachersee.


Last photo at Jodl.

Time came to quickly to leave Jodl for the last time ever due to the closure of the Campsite  at beginning of October.  It was a very sad moment saying our goodbyes I do not image we will bring the caravan down as far as Ossiachersee again but visit by car instead and stop at B&B's.  We will not be loosing touch with the Thaler Family as we have been invited to stay with them in their new Chalet being built in a Ski Area in the Mountains nearby. 


Towed off Site for the Last Time.

The Picturesque A10 

Taurern Alm a Landzeit Restaurant on A10.

Back to Pfarrwerfen.

Well after a little more than 5 weeks we are back to Camping Vierthaler which now is much busier with outfits stopping on their way to Southern Austria Karnten, Croatia, Slovenia or Italy or perhaps like us on their way home.  Weather was wonderful and in top 20's mid 30's.  Below are a photo's of our days out. 

Caravans at the Alm.

Bad Gastein

We had not been to Bad Gastein for a lot of years when we boarded the train at Bockenstein solo with car through the Grossglockner.  You drive the car onto the train and then you walk to a carriage to proceed through the Tunnel to Mallnitz.  It cost 17 Euro's and takes 11 minutes plus 5 minutes loading and unloading.  Details here  Not for caravans though.

Entrance to wait for the Train.

Train arriving passenger carriage in front.




Bad Gastein Town.

The Spa Town itself looked run down but developers are going in to revive it.  The Waterfall was very pretty.



This Trip is very well worth doing the Wolfgangsee is a special lake with the famed White Horse Inn, situated in the town of Wolfgang.  We this year as usual made for St. Gilgen a lovely little town where you can park your car at back of the shop just around the corner opposite the Mozart House.  You jus pay the shop owner and you can park all day leaving you to be able to catch the boat for a trip down to Wolfgang.

Approaching St. Gilgen view of See.

View when you get onto Boat.


This impressive building was once the Naval College of Austria it is now a Boarding School. 

This is the Station for the Schafbergbahn and takes you to the top of the mountain behind. website for details. 

Weissen Rossl   (The White Horse Inn.)  Visit the old quaint town of Wolfgang have a coffee or meal and look around the lovely traditional gift shops.  Boat details at

Time to move on upwards.

Leaving Camping Vierthaler was sad it is a pretty site and the Vierthaler's are lovely people.  When we stopped here on our way down in April, John was poorly and Frau Vierthaler asked if we would like a Doctor to visit.  The Doctor arrived 10 minutes later even though it was not an emergency on Saturday afternoon.  He was excellent and visited the caravan 4 times in 3 days once to bring a prescription for more BP tablets and get a form signed.  11 Euros was all we had to pay at the Apotike in Werfen for the Prescription.  Everything else Free on EHIC.  Luckily the Dr. let John drive to Jodl on the Sunday which is under 100 miles.




A lot of discussion on next Campsite due to the Closure of the Arlberg Tunnel between the Tyrol and Voralberg.  Are we allowed with the Caravan to go over the Pass and will we make it?   The Tunnel is closed till November 15th 2015

We learnt that Caravans, like Lorries are allowed over the Pass during the week from Sunday nights 10 pm to Saturday 09.00 am. So no Weekends.

To cut a long story short at a Temperature of 28 degrees Cent. when we got to the steepest part of the assent s lorry slowed up in front of us and we had to go into first gear and after a while the car did not like it. As we rounded a sharp bend there was a piece of wasteland which we pulled onto.  The Engine was boiling so had to wait an hour for it to cool down and then add some water before we could continue our journey, not far to the top.  From then on everything OK on our descent to Inner Braz and the next Campsite    







Voralberg, North Eastern Austria.  This a lovely area of Austria perhaps not so well known as the Tyrol.   Below is photo of the ACSI CC Campsite Walch's at Inner Braz near to Bludenz.  It is a 5* Site with excellent facilities and views.  Very well run with very charming and helpful family owners.

A Trip into the Mountains for Lunch.

View from our Table on the Balcony of the Ski Hotel.

A Mountain Trip on Muttersbergbahn.  Price Senior retrn is 11.20 Euro's well worth it.




Next Stop The Black Forest.

Back to Trend Camping near to Wolfach for the second time.  This time it is not as busy as last year though it was full last week.  We are only stopping  2 nights as we are running out of time.  As we have been to the Black Forest so many times over the last 32 years we decided to just drive to Offenburg to pick up some things for the caravan at the Caravan Centre there then call into Schilltach to get Quiche from the British owned Conditerei for Supper. Met up with a couple of Brit couples.

Site just as good as last year but pitched nearer to the Reception etc., this time. One excellent improvement was the excellent Tarmac Entrance Road. 

View from back of caravan of Entrance to Trend.

Pitch and Reception opposite.

Last Stop in Germany back to Oberweis which was our first stop mid April.

Prumtal Camping much busier that when we were her in April and guess what at least 5 or the outfits are Brits having read about it on here.  It was lovely meeting these people and very enjoyable eating and chatting with them in the Restaurant.  

The weather is gorgeous but a bit hot for us at 28/29 deg. cent.  

We stocked up with Wine and Food we cannot get at home plus Diesel at 72 pence a litre in Luxembourg for the drive up to Calais. 

Kohler Stuben, the Site Restaurant.

New Square in Bitburg town centre.

After a lovely 3 night stay we make for Calais and our last Stop.

This time we decided to make our last journey north on a Sunday.  Well with no lorries on the road the journey around Brussels was a doddle.  This E42 up to Brugge use to have a terrible surface and potholes but, take my word. it has been very much improved over these last few years.  The ride is far better than the M25, M11 and A11 I can tell you and even the road from the Belgium Border to Calais and Guines was disgusting in places.  Didn't see any Immigrants during journey to Calais or to Guines and back to the Tunnel the next morning.  Security at the Tunnel was good it took us about 45 minutes to get through to the Train all Passports being checked by the UK Border Control and a wand passed over car and caravan by the French.   

Le Bien Assise.

The Campsite is the same as ever except for being cheaper this year for us due to still taking the ACSI Camping Card.  I did email them 2 weeks ago and asked for Pitch D 9 that we had last year and low and behold it was saved for us.  Contrary to what what said on various Forums a while back ACSI Camping Card will be taken here next year 2016.

Not felling like cooking we had an excellent takeaway of Omelette and Chips from the Site Cafe.  A trip to the Garage at Carrefour was made to get Diesel bhich was dearer than we have been paying €1.19 a litre but lots cheaper than the UK.

This evening I went on line and paid for our Passage through the Dartford Tunnel £2.50. dearer than if you have an account but as we only use the Crossing in the day once a year by going through in the Free Passage Time going on holiday it is well worth it.


The Train. Compartment to ourselves.

Dartford Crossing.

I was amazed there was no Information Boards before the Crossing to enlighten Foreign Traveller or even Brits. giving details of Payment.



Well that is for another year folk will update a few things as I get to them plus the mileage for the Trip.

No real disasters with Car or Caravan except for a new battery on the Car that played up Car 10 years old, Battery 10 years old so cannot grumble. Could have done without having to go over the Arlbergpasse with the Caravan and having to get a new switch sent out from the UK for the Caravan Toilet 4th one in 10 years.

Though John was poorly going down and having to have the Doctor to the Van he is OK now and having his BP monitored by his Doctor here at Home.

Sad that Jodl Camping is closing down in Mid September and I received a letter from the Thaler Famalie on the 20th June saying that on 18th June Jodl Mutter, Karin's Mutter, who first opened the Campsite after the war with her husband, passed away peacefully in her 94th year..

We send our Condolences to Karin, Andreas, Marco and Familie Thaler as I am sure those who have stayed there over the years would.