Joys of European Caravanning


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We made a trip down roughly three quarters of an hour down the mountain on the Sunday to visit a Maefest at St. Ulricht to take a look at the old tractor from Jodl that was given to Frau Thaler's Brother on the closing of the Camping.  The Brother has renovated it and it looks wonderful.  Some of you reading on here may remember the Tractor and may recognise Andy sitting on it on the photo below.  All spick and span..  I will try and find a piccy of it before being used at Jodl. 

The Tractor dated 1958.

Kalkgruber Camping, ACSI Camping Card Site just a few yards down from Jodl.

On visiting this Campsite to visit some English friends met at Jodl twice in the past I can thoroughly recommend  this lovely campsite.  This year it takes ACSI CC price 15 Euro's

Owner, Frau Schabus is a very friendly lady and most helpful.  Our friends spoke ver highly of her and the amenities on the site.  I took some photo's for this website.

The Toilets and Showers + Laundry were modern and pristine clean. There are two WC's , two showers and two washbasins in each Ladies and Gents blocks. Washng up facilities are outside the block. There are just 30 pitches arrange on tiers.  Grass was immaculate and there is a small fenced off Trout Pond with chickens too.

On the evening before our visit Frau Schabus took 2 eggs laid by her chickens to each caravan/motorhome saying they were for their Sunday Breakfast.  What a lovely gesture?

There is WiFi on site at price of 5 Euros for 2 hours and 10 Euros for 10 hours. Trout is available in the Reception as is Bread to order daily.  There is a small louge for campers use too.

The only downside is there is no view of the See but as my friend says the peace and quiet was certainly worth not having sight of the Lake and he had no qualms on recommending the site and would be back.




Inside Reception

Plan of Campsite.


Trout Pond.

Ladies Showers.


Back to Vierthaler.

After a lovely week in the Mountains with the Thaler Familie we arrive back at this lovely site to take up residence back i our caravan.  The day after we arrived back Dutch Friends cam up from Ossiach to stay for 4 nights so we decided to change our schedule and stay her longer.  We again visited the Schloss at Werfen so will put a couple of photo's on.

As my OH cannot walk so far these days we thought the show of Birds of Prey was out as he would not be able to climb the 70 steps back up to the Castle.  But after saying this to a Schloss guide she opened up a room and some shutters and two windows so we and our friends could watch from there.  We thought this was so very thoughtful of her and typical of the Austrian People always happy to help.   


View from Schloss Werfen Window.

 On leaving Vierthaler on a Sunday no Lorry's en route but what we did not think of was that it was the end of the German two weeks holiday and everyone returning up the A10 plus from Vienna and where the roads converged we had an hours delay.  We thought at first it was the new Border Control on the West bound side of the A8 but when we passed this no one in there controlling.  The next Control when we went over the German/Austrian border travelling East they were checking but no delays there on A95/A12.    Arlberg Tunnel open for the whole of 2016.                                                                                                                             

Some views of Walch's this year 2016.

Ladies Showers.  Everything immaculate.

Hair Drying Area.

Laundry Room upstairs heated with clothes aires for your use.

Washing up Facilities.

Next stop into Germany on the Bodensee at Camping Salem, ACSI CC at 17 Euro's situated in a valley at the back of the Bodensee.  A well used site with good facilities and friendly Reception.  Quite a few on here come back for weeks every year. Very popular with the Dutch, German and even a Brit Couple been here 5 years running.  Below view sitting in the restaurant outside the Reception.

View of Facilities and the Restaurant where hot food is served at very reasonable price. Order rolls and pay for them the night before at price of 30 cents each. Pick them up bagged with name on in the Kuchen (Kitchen) where you will find Washer, Drier and Drying racks plus Iron and Board. 

These are pitches at front of camp site  hedged bays which lead off main road that leads through the site,  We elected to go to the end of the site where there are two very open areas with electricity, not metered, water and some grey water drains.  

The field area.

Visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.  This was one of the reasons we came to the Bodensee Area.  We drove in and parked in the In door car park on your right driving down to the Museum. This is a shopping mall and houses Edeka and other clothes shops.  There is no Museum Car park.   Entrance to the Museum is 9 Euro's and 8.50 for Seniors.  We thoroughly enjoyed the mock up Hindenberg. After that we walked around the corner through the square to where the Passenger Ships moor and there is a promenade along the See front with Cafes and Shops.  We had lunch there and saw an Airship come over.

Inside the mock Hindenberg.

Ladies Toilet shows they had mod cons..

Double Cabin.

Waterfront Restaurant.



Whats this an Airship what a coincidence.

Boat Trip to Mainau and Meersburg.

This was a lovely Trip from the small port of Unteruhidingen just a few miles from the Campsite,  Good parking and you can catch a small train down to the Boat.  Boat fares are cheaper from here to Meersburg is is €16.80 each person return if you land on the Island of Mainau it is €26 each Return Fares.


Meersburg from the Boat.

View from Restaurant in Meersburg.

Views of the Town.



Time to move on to next stop No 9 Te Black Forest. 

When we were ready to move off had to wait for a Motor Home opposite to be moved as he was stuck in the Mud and he was in our way for getting off the Pitch due to a post situated on our left side.  While this was going on OH hitched up ready for the off, but alas, when he went to get in the car the door had closed and was locked.  OH had taken them out of the ignition to stop the continual buzzing and thrown them into the tray between the front seats and in doing so the button got pressed and locked the door.  Gasp and I had the other set of keys in my handbag which I had put on my seat in the car so disaster No Keys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A nice Dutchman opposite tried to find some wire to get into the car and lift out the keys, by this time a German man arrived on the scene with a long piece of stiff wire making a hook on the end he inserted it int the top of the car door by OH forcing it open at the top.  And hey ho they managed to lift the keys out from the middle of the car and out.  What a relief.  Now being able to get in the car I was able to take a photo of all concerned.  

The Rescuers.



9th Stop in the Black Forest, Trend Camping at Wolfach.

This is our third visit to this lovely campsite situated in the middle part of the Black Forest.  It is situated on the main road between Schilltach and Wolfach opposite the village of Halbmeil.   Campsite is ACSI at 17 Euro's Site No. in the ACSI book 2016.   We had a pitch on the RH side up the hill from the Reception No.121 which is a flat plateau with many fairly large flat serviced pitches.  WiFi is a point at the Reception/Restaurant and is 2 Euro's for 24 hours going on and off as many times as you need in that period.

This year we ate in the lovely Restaurant, on the balcony, as the weather was hot and sunny.  There was an extensive menu at very reasonable prices with large portions.

The Konus Card is still in use and gives you free transport on the Trains and Buses in the Area.  The Train station is just across the road from the site and Bus stop at bottom of the hill so very handy for folks with Motor Homes to get about.

Some more new photo's I took below.  


Looking down the road to Reception/Restaurant/Showers/Laundry Room and Toilets. 

View looing up the road to the Pitches on Plateau, Terraces and Field for Tents.

Balcony of the Restaurant.

View from our pitch 121 on the Plateau.

This is Hexenlochmuhle a beauty spot just outside the Kinzig area not advertised around here.  I did mention it to the Owners and bought back a wad of leaflets for Reception.  TMill is situated between Furtwangen and St. Margen off a on a narrow ride of about 5 km.  Opposite is a small carpark. At the back of the mill is a nice shop and restaurant.                   To get here you will drive through Triberg the home of the Cuckoo Clock and you can also visit the village of Schonac to see the Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock photo on another page on this Website on an earlier visit I thing it is 2006.

The Restaurant.

You can also sit outside by the Mill Stream or in a Marque. 

A Real piece of Black Forest Gateaux and wow could you taste the Kirch.



The House of 1000 Clocks of which there are two in Triberg a good reliable place to buy bow run by 4th and 5th Generation of the Family who own and run them. 


Website.   Link to this on Page Website Links.

Last Campsite in Germany.  Back to Prumtal one of our Favourites.  Met up with some British Couples from Somerset and Grimsby the first we met earlier on in Braz the second couple we met through this enquiry on this Website.  We all ate up in the Restaurant together and we took one couple to Bernkastel and Trier for the day as it was their first visit to Germany with their caravan.


Bernkastel on the Mosel.




Trier.  Said to be the oldest city in Germany.  It is a lovely city for buildings and shops, two large stores next door to one another the Karlstadt, which  has a wonderful cellar restaurant. The Kaufhof which has a good carpark to aim for when driving into the City.  Below the famous Porta Nigra.

Market Square.  Have been to many wonderful Christmas Markets here.

More lovely buildings.

Lovely fountains looks as if it has recently been painted.

Prumtal Camping a bit busier on our way home taken at dusk.

Prumtals impressive Restaurant Kohler Stuben.  Excellent Food at very good prices.


Some unusual caravans at Prumtal towed by Tractors all the way from Holland.

11th Stop in Belgium a new site to us is Camping Grimbergen situated just off the Ring around Brussels.  

This site is excellent for an overnighter or to visit the lovely city of Brussels which is around 12 km from the campsite.  It has, I think 49 pitches and is very secure.  Very friendly and helpful owner.  Toilet/Shower blocks excellent and spotlessly clean only thing missing were Toilet roll holders and toilet paper.  Free WiFi at the Reception and we could just get it on Pitch No, 3.

This is not an ACSI Camping Card but ACSI Inspected Price inc. Electricity was €24 per night. Water nearby,  All very tidy and short grass. Website:- here

No Restaurant but an excellent Brasserie next door named Lammekeshoeve excellent food though a bit pricey. 

The Campsite.




Ladies Showers/Toilets. Gents similar.

Something I have never seen before below a Germany Hotel Bus with accommodation for 22 persons.  Seating at the front full height at the back three tier sleeping compartments with window and step ladders to get into.  This arrived on the campsite and spent the night on the pitch opposite us.

Last Campsite again on this Trip is La Bien Assise at Guines 15 minutes from the Coquelles to catch the Tunnel.

We find this site perfect for the last night of our Trip but this year we had a 2 nighter.  The drive from Grimbergen, the site near to Brussels, was uneventful once we got on to the A10/E40 there were quite a lot of roadworks in Grimbergen itself.  

Having booked in at Campsite we were given our requested pitch No D9 reason being it is a nice large corner site and has the benefit of  the WiFi Router situated on the end of the pitch.

After setting up we partook of a take way omelette and chips. Very reasonable and good.

Sunday morning we got some Diesel for the journey home not so cheap here as Austria and Germany at 1.15 Euro's at Carrefour.  In Austria it ranged from 96 cents a litre to 1.08.  Germany around 1.08 to 1.09 and Luxembourg was 97 cents on the way home.  After refuelling we drove to Calais for a look around oh dear what a dump.  We then drove to the Two Caps and had Lunch at Wissent before driving down the coast to Wimereux.  Very pleasant trip with good weather will put on some pictures below.


The Pitch.

The Site.


World War 11 Museum on road to Wimereux..

End of another lovely Trip.

Well another lovely trip completed with new Campsites and Places visited.  Met up with Old Friends and made New.  The highlight of our holiday was our week spent 1,500 metres up in the High Tauern with the Thaler Family, past owners of Camping Jodl.  Their new Chalet was lovely and quite large with 3 floors.  Heated by an Air Exchanger it was so warm in there as it was cold out and some snow still on the ground.  From the Kitchen you could see the Piste almost next door.

We managed to cover 3,632 miles overall with out any mishaps to car or caravan. Plus no call out to ADAC.   Of course the Car did not do so many miles as the car and spent a week on its own at Camping Vierthaler while we were in the mountains.  

No Health problems this year but the weather was the worst we have ever had so much rain and even snow when near Bitburg but as we travelled south it did improve, though some wet days in between some lovely hot sunny days.