Joys of European Caravanning


Trip 14 2017. Page 2.


Beautiful day started by watching the Campsite Sheep being Sheared. A most unusual spectacle  on a campsite I think.  


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A lovely two hours trip on the Boat Ossiach on the Ossiacher See.  Our trip was a Rundafaht (Round Trip) Ticket for €11. 80 per person.  The boat can also be used as a Ferry from Village to Village on the See there are 8 Stops en route.  Bicycles and Dogs are welcome aboard too.             Below are some photo;s of the Trip.  Note the Coupe Denmark Ice cream a favourite with us when we make a trip on this Boat, which we have many times.   Waitress service is available on both Decks of the Boat.

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A large Campsite on the See.

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On or around the 20th of May on a Sunday they close all the roads around the Ossiacher See from 9.30 am till 4 pm to allow just Pedestrians, Bikes, Skates etc so anyone visiting a camp site will not be able to arrive till around 4 pm..

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Had a restful week from the 25th May after our Dutch friends departed. The sheep have been moved to the bottom paddock and here being fed.

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Today the 25th May is Ascension Day and a religious holiday here.  In the afternoon we went along to the Conditorei at Ossiach to meet up with Karen and Andy for Coffee and Kuchen who use to have Jodl Camping below is a photo of the Camping as it is now.  In September the Apartments will be started so next year look a lot different.

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On the 26th We did another boat trip this time on the MillstatterSee second largest lake in this area know as Karnten.  It lays 27 miles North West of Ossiach and we decided to start at the Eastern end of the See at Dobriach a nice little town where there are some nice campsites.

On the way there you pass a couple of small Sees Firstly the Alfritzer See and secondly the Feld See.

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We parked the car in the car park of the Seesrestraunt Messner and had a coffee before walking down to the See to the Boat.


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The Cost of our 2 1/2 hour tip was €12.90 each.  Food and drink waitress service on board.


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Another lovely day on Sunday the 28th in the 30's again but we were able to go up and visit our friends up in the Mountains and go to a lovely Restaurant for supper with them.  What a view.


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The weather has turned a very warm 30 deg. C so small outings have been made.  Here down to the Worthersee to Portschach for a short walk and then to the Hotel Dermuth for a nice Ice Cream.


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Anyone who ever visited  Jodl Camping may have met this man before. 

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Photo's taken on the way home to the caravan.

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The Restaurant and views from it is situated right on the side of the Piste.

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Trip to one of our favourite spots

Leaving Ossiach we drove around Villach and up to Bad Bleiberg a Spa Town but not very pretty then on to Windische Hohe passing through lovely villages.


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After Picnic Lunch we started the drive home

After lunch started our drive home 33 miles here cannot give return mileage as encountered a diversion. The next place we passed was this lovely Schloss Kreuzen with the tiny church at top of the hill of Hupertus Kapelle notice the stations of the cross leading from the road up to it.

I will add history and info of this Schloss when I find a website in English.


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Visit for Lunch to Magdelanesberg


 We invited the Dutch couple opposite to join us on a trip to one of my favourite places Magdelanesberg which is a Hotel/Restaurantnamed the Gipfel House and a lovely Church. It stands 1,059 mts high with wonderful views all round of Carinthia (Kärnten). The food is excellent and a very reasonable price.

When we arrived today at noon there was loads of folks up there plus guests waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive at the front of a cavalcade of cars all sounding their horns, a normal wedding ritual over here. OH went into ask if they had a table for 4 for lunch and they said just one, we were so lucky. It is a family run Hotel and the guy on the right side of piccy below was our waiter. Large family and all but the children work there. Grandma is a character and still serves drinks and collects the bills.
Two photo's below from their website


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Next Morning.

This morning OH went down to the tap to fill the Aquaroll as he was coming away from the tap he dropped the handle.  From the nearby Caravan two little boys came running out and wanted to help pull it up to the Caravan which they did.  Here they are with their Dad at journeys end.


 [Image: IMG_0801.jpg]


Well a lovely last day at this site. We went out after breakfast for fuel and to the Bank for some Euro's. Lovely morning and view along the lake as we drove to Bodensdorf on the other side of the See.
In the foreground is the new Nature Reserve and new extension to the See which is our view from the Caravan


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Bill from Kalkgruber how reasonable

Forgot to add the Photo of the 26 nights bill at Kalkgruber.. approx £397. For over 21 nights you get 2 nights Free with ACSI Camping Card. A Very good deal for an excellent Campsite.

[Image: IMG_0814.jpg]

Next back to Vierthaler for a few days.

Moved on yesterday after 26 nights first class Campsite copy of our Bill yesterday using ACSI CCard..  Note 24 nights as you get 2 free nights over a 21 night stay.  €461.40 = approx £397.  What excellent value.

Following some photos enroute on A10 coming through the two long Tunnels firstly the Katschberg 5.898 kms long and then the Pay Booths at St. Michael im Longau then the Tauern Tunnel 6.765 kms long 
The journey was 104 miles site to site and took 2 hrs 45 mins with a stop for lunch.  Michelin says 2 hrs 31 mins with a Caravan so we did well.  Hardly any traffic going our way. But going South 3 mile tailback before toll booths.  We say about 200 outfits on the opposite side of the road travelling South. 

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[Image: IMG_1109.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1116.jpg]


Well back home now and decent wifi so here is the homeward part of the trip.

The day after we arrived back at Vierthaler we decided to make our 3rd visit to Berchtesgaden this holiday.  It is one of our favourite places in Europe.

Little did we know what it would be like when we arrived in town.  Folk everywhere in national dress lining the streets.  We went straight to the underground car park but alas Red light car park full.  We waited a bit but it was apparent no body was going to leave till celebrations for 500 years of the Salt Mine.  

We decided to park on the exit road just before entrance to the procession route and minutes later There was loud gunfire then Fire Engine and police vehicles heading a Brass Band following were people marching from different Salt Mines in the area with 20 Brass Bands in between every two or three marchers and floats.  German and Austrian Brass Bands are my great love so was in my element.  The procession went on for over Two hours as after getting to a venue they turned around and made their way back passing each other at one time.  So 40 lots of Music  Clap   

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[Image: IMG_1196.jpg][Image: IMG_1178.jpg]


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Coming out of Berchtesgaden we passed the  Sehl Bahn station that you can ride up to the Carpark or the Documentation Centre (Museum of life in the Obersalzburg in the War, to catch the bus up to The Eagles Nest.

[Image: IMG_1211.jpg]


After lunch at 2 pm at Beer Adam we had a walk around the town and the retrieved the car now in the car parking stopping at the traffic had lovely view of the Watzmann.

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Arrived UK after 35 minute journey and off up the M20 when Gasp a lorry driver signaled something was wrong and yes puncture in back off side wheel on the Caravan. Oh dear so much traffic cannot hear to phone AA so had to sit in car. Luckily there was a small piece of road off the Hard shoulder to be able to sit on a chair to wait for AA 20 minutes later the AA man arrived after we were able to drive the car onto the small roadway allowing more room for the mechanic to change the wheel for us.


[Image: IMG_1338.jpg]

We then moved on to spend one night at Waldpark Camping at Hohenstadt en route back to to Prumtal at Oberweis near to Bitburg.

Next day we went off to visit Bernkastel our second visit this holiday. Wonderful old town beautifully clean and old building in pristine condition. We had lunch in Cafe Hansen the conditorie on the main square near the fountain. Amazing every town centre in Germany seems to have a Fountain.


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Last day a trip to Vianden in Luxembourg just 20 minutes down the road to fill up with cheap diesel.

[Image: IMG_1252.jpg]

After 4 nights here sadly we had  to leave and after an emotional farewell we left Prumtal and hour later Germany.

Next stop Camping Grimbergen situated off the Brussels Ring for I night. Very nice campsite very friendly and helpful owner. Not ACSI but well worth €22 for a restfull night en route to Calais just 139 miles from Oberweis and just 127 miles to La Bien Assise at Guines in France.

The site was quite full of Motor Homes which was most surprising as near the entrance to the Campsite road was an Aire which was empty Gasp 


[Image: IMG_1267.jpg]


[Image: IMG_1269.jpg]


[Image: IMG_1274.jpg]

Next day we arrived at Guines just after lunch to our usual pitch D9 which they kindly saved for us. Surprisingly here not so many Brits as usual but more Dutch and German, but all pitches around us were empty and reception said they had been very quiet this season.  Why I wonder? 

[Image: IMG_0835.jpg]

Next day we took a drive to Boulogne and parked the car after 15 mins of trying to fathom our the parking meter asking 3 French people for help, got none at all strangely no one one here speaks English.  Why?

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[Image: IMG_1284.jpg]

Lovely countryside of the Eifel region of Germany which leads into the Ardennes of Belgium and the area of The Battle of thee Bulge around Malmedy (WW11 famous Battle.

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[Image: IMG_1293.jpg]

On the 14th June we were up early and drove 15 minutes to the Tunnel catching the earlier train than booked.  Lots of security. Lots of roadworks en route to the train.

[Image: IMG_1326.jpg]

We drove home down stopping at  Cap Griz Nez and could see the UK quite plainly.

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[Image: IMG_1333.jpg]


Arrived UK after 35 minute journey and off up the M20 when Gasp a lorry driver signalled something was wrong and yes puncture in back off side wheel on the Caravan. Oh dear so much traffic cannot hear to phone AA so had to sit in car. Luckily there was a small piece of road off the Hard shoulder to be able to sit on a chair to wait for AA 20 minutes later the AA man arrived after we were able to drive the car onto the small roadway allowing more room for the mechanic to change the wheel for us.


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After that incident arrived home 12.30 pm after 8 weeks and 3,406 miles. A lovely trip but marred by John's back pain and being unable to walk far. But that is signs of getting old Cry


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