Joys of European Caravanning


14th Trip to Europe 2017 through Belgium into Germany and Austria.

Tunnel all booked for April and Route completed which can always change en route is necessary.  

This Year we will be spending 3 weeks on the Ossiachersee again but at a new campsite to us Kalkgruber  just a few yards away from Jodl now been closed for over a Year.

We will be Meeting up with Friends along the way who live in Germany, Holland and the UK.  No European Tour would be complete if it did not start and finish at Prumtal Camping at Oberweis.

 This year going down will be our 22nd Visit to Prumtal.  Things have changed here since our first visit in 2006.  Another generation of the Kohler Family are now in charge though Herr Kohler still helps.  The Campsite just gets better and better each year.  In 2014 the new super toilet block was opened and the new fully serviced pitches together with free WiFi all over the campsite.

This year a new Reception has opened I cannot wait to see it.  

Map of Route.

Prumtal New Reception.




[Image: IMG_0643.jpg]

First Stop our usual Prumtal Camping arriving 12,45 pm European Time. Lunch time the 18th April.   

Prumtal Camping***** is situated at Oberweis near to Bitburg link here  takes ACSI Camping Card out of season.  Excellent Facilities and Restaurant.  We had an early night after a long journey from 10,30pm on the 17th.  Ate in the Kohler Restaurant which was as good as usual.

First day visit to Bernkastel Kues for Lunch at our favourite restaurant the Moselbluemchen a nice ride along the Mosel back to  Rewe in Bitburg to stock up with food etc.,   Some Photo's below of the Bernkastel and the Mosel.



[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]


[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]

A Pair of Swans built a nest on the Car park. Local authorities guarding them.

[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]


[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]

Views over Piersporter on the Mosel.

[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]


[Image: Full_Size_Render.jpg]

Fuel at Luxembourg.

[Image: IMG_0398.jpg]

Second Campsite our favourite on the River Rhine.                                     Campingplatz Bruckenschanke, Hattenheim.                                               

We have been here many times before and always enjoy watching the Barges and Hotel Boats going up and down this mighty river.  Our pitch is situated near the fence along the footpath/cycle path just a few metres from the river. After 4 generations of the Erich Philip Family having the Restaurant here 3 weeks ago their lease was not renewed.  Luckily the field where the campsite is situated is owned by the family and they are concentrating more on the Camping.  They are in the process of building an outdoor restaurant in the right hand corner of the site with a gate through to the the river footpath.

At the moment the campsite looks a bit unkept as the grass has not been cut but this will be improved once the Cafe Area is complete.

The Toilet facilities are good but not heated.  Review of this site is in the section of this website named Campsite Reviews Germany where more photos are available to be seen.



[Image: IMG_0671.jpg]

Campsite photo's

[Image: IMG_0441.jpg]


[Image: P1010342.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0450.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0494.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0492.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0446.jpg]

Two lots of German friends visited us at this campsite one pair bringing their lovely Poodles Frieda and Lotti.

[Image: IMG_0455.jpg]

Visit to Rudesheim with a famous coffee consumed too.

[Image: P1010314.jpg]

Stroll up the Drosselgasse.

[Image: P1010316.jpg]

Markt Platz

[Image: P1010325.jpg]


[Image: P1010330.jpg]

Other friends took us out for dinner at this lovely Restaurant up in the Vinyards above Hattenheim  named Kloster Eberbach well worth a visit.. 

[Image: IMG_0477.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0483.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0476.jpg]

Third Campsite.  A new one to us Azur Waldcamping, Auwaldsee, Ingolstadt, Bavaria.  

We visited this Campsite to meet up with a young Polish friend and his family who live near to Ingolstadt.  Website is  The Campsite takes ACSI Camping Card and also ADAC Camping Card both €19.   Our problem was that due to hold ups due to roadworks on the A3 and A7 Autobahn we did not arrive till 5.30 pm and it was pouring with rain and cold. We were able to order and pay for bread rolls when signing in and the staff were very helpful and friendly.  The Reception closes at 7 pm and barrier closes at 10 pm so you have to leave car behind the barrier on car park if late out.       The facilities were excellent heated, very modern and spotlessly clean as typical to German sites.

On the approach to the campsite not too far from the A7 Autobahn, but cannot be heard, the Auwaldsee Restaurant stands and the food is excellent.

Next day we ventured into Ingolstadt, but it had rained all night and was still raining so we parked under the City Theatre opposite the River Danube and walked into the Old Town going to the Galeria Kaufhof for a look around and  have a light lunch before making our way back to the caravan too wet to do much else.  Of course Ingolstadt is the home of Audi Motors. At 7 pm we were due to drive to our friends home in a nearby village for supper and had a most enjoyable time.  We arrived back at the Caravan just before 10 am it was still raining and did all night.   Still raining in the morning as we set off for Austria snowing around Munich.  Road works on the 99 Munich ring road but A8 not bad at all.


Photo's of Campsite.

[Image: IMG_0512.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0513.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0508.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0501.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0503.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0504.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0507.jpg]

Fourth Campsite is Campingplatz Veirthaler our home for two weeks. Not ACSI CC but reasonable price of €20.50 a night for 2 Persons Car and Caravan/Motorhome and 16 amp Electricity.  Free Excellent WiFi.

When we arrived it was not raining but dull and first night it rained turning to snow as photo's below.  Weather did improve over the first days so a few pics below.


[Image: IMG_0658.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0661.jpg]

Suddenly the sun came out and the snow all disappeared .

[Image: IMG_0521.jpg]

A view from the approach road to the campsite, behind the small van opposite us and the trees is the Salz River. 

[Image: IMG_0701.jpg]

Next day beautiful and warm too so visit to Berchtesgaden.

[Image: IMG_0541.jpg]

Lunch at the Bier Adam.

[Image: IMG_0538.jpg]

View of the Eagles Nest.

[Image: IMG_0536.jpg]

Trip to Ramsau through the mountains before returning back to Pfarrwerfen in Austria.

[Image: IMG_0546.jpg]

My favourite village and view in Germany.

[Image: IMG_0548.jpg]

May 1st and Maibaum Fest in Pfarrwerfen.

[Image: IMG_0602.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0689.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0691.jpg]

Member of the Band serving Schnapps to the Band over Lunch.

[Image: IMG_0690.jpg]

Granddaughter of the Owners of this Campsite shinning up the Maibaum.

[Image: IMG_0704.jpg]

Day out at Wolfgangsee in lovely weather.  Drove to Wolfgang and after parking car walked around before lunch at the White Horse Inn.  Drove 57 miles along passes through the Mountains of the West Dachstein which was very beautiful.

[Image: IMG_0658.jpg]

Scene from the restaurant.

[Image: IMG_0651.jpg]

Photos from the Boat.

[Image: IMG_0664.jpg]

Children ready for dancing at the Fest at St, Gilgen.

[Image: IMG_0668.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0674.jpg]

Music by Family on the Boat.

[Image: IMG_0713.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0714.jpg]

The Boat.

[Image: IMG_0671.jpg]


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Left Pfarrwerfen after 10 days for the Ossiachersee and our fifth Campsite.  ACSI CC Camping Kalkgruber at Alt Ossiach on the Ossiacher See.  This is really a jewel in the crown.  Small 33 Van site at €15 inc. Electrics and Free Excellent WiFi all over the Campsite.  The Owner Frau Schabus is very friendly and welcoming speaking English too.  Bread is to order daily.  The Toilets, Showers and Laundry are excellent and spotlessly clean.  Having its own Trout Lake fish is available from the reception as are freshly laid eggs from the site chickens.                                                                                                             Though there isn't a view of the See there is a bea

[Image: IMG_0717.jpg]

Plan of campsite.

[Image: IMG_0721.jpg]

Views from a Walk along the Footpath.

[Image: IMG_0753.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0754.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0747.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0750.jpg]

On a Saturday evening Frau Schabus visits every outfit on the Site to deliver a newly laid egg per person from the site chickens for Sunday breakfast.  What a wonderful gesture this is.

[Image: IMG_0774.jpg]

Over the years we have visiter Alt Ossiach and this wonderful See we have visited loads of wonderful places you would need 3 months here to visit all of them.  We will be visiting a few in the next 2 weeks so will add as we go.  Italy and Slovenia are so near and wonderful for a day out.  Our first day out this year took us to Tarvisio in Italy 33 miles away for a walk around and coffee, then onto the famous Leather Market, before making for the Fucine Lago some wonderful lakes with mountain views.  Here we usually have a picnic and today no exception before driving into Slovenia past Kransk Gora to the Werzen Pass back into Austria. Three countries in half and hour.  But beware at the border from Slovenia into Austria there was a Passport check so do keep your Passports with you all the time. 

[Image: IMG_0777.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0778.jpg]

Leather Market which is huge and stocks everything you can imagine in Leather.  I always buy from the shop next door to the Market though. Lovely helpful owners and good prices.

[Image: IMG_0788.jpg]

Largo Fucine.  Two lovely lakes just 7 km from Tarvisio. 

[Image: IMG_0789.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0793.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0795.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0804.jpg]

Driving onto Slovenia and over the Border.

[Image: IMG_0818.jpg]

Views in Slovenia.

[Image: IMG_0821.jpg]


[Image: IMG_0825.jpg]

And then over the Werzen Pass home to the Van.



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