Joys of European Caravanning


TRIP TO EUROPE NO. 4 - 2007.


This trip started on the 8th April to 8th June 2007.   Just 5 Countries this year.  Through Belgium to Germany, Italy, Austria and France.  Crossings by Euro Tunnel at cost of £162. bought through the Caravan Club.

We always leave home about 11 pm the night before and travel to Folkestone giving us plenty of time to catch the train at 3 to 3.30 am.  This allows us to start our journey on the other side around 4 am stopping at the first service station in Belgium for a coffee and snack, then fill up the tank with diesel.  We stop every 2 hours at a service area or lay by for a break and get to our first caravan site in Germany around midday.  We have a lazy day setting up and go to bed early at around 8 pm get a good nights rest and we are then set up for the holiday.

The outfit this year has changed to a 2005 Kia Sorrento XS towing a 2005 Elddis Crusader Storm which we love.  It is a very good combination.  The extra room in the caravan is lovely when you are living in it for 2 or 3 months at a time and fixed bed is wonderful, especially with electric blanket on it, for those cool evenings.


Site No. 1.

PRUMTAL CAMPING*****Oberweis, Nr. Bitburg, GERMANY.  ACSI CC Taken. Listed CCEurope 2.

We are back again as we enjoyed our time here at the end of last years holiday so much and can thoroughly recommend the site.  The owner Herr Kohler and his family are most welcoming and helpful.  On arrival you are given 2 (credit card type) plastic cards.  One for the driver that opens the barrier to caravan site and opens Toilet and Shower block door. The other card just opens the Toilet and Shower Blocks.  If you keep these cards they can be refreshed on arrival at further visits.

WiFi is available free of charge and can be received on most of the site when the leaves are not on the trees but not in the summer.  But you can go to the Bar in the Restaurant and take your laptop or use the computer situated there.

The Restaurant is excellent with a very varied menu and the prices are very reasonable a lot cheaper than the UK for the quality of food.  Booking is necessary at weekends as the restaurant is used well by the surround area by the general public. As most restaurants in Germany a small starter of dripping and cheese or meat spread with crusty bread are given before the main course. Another nice touch is, if like me, you cannot eat a lot of food they will give you a small helping at a reduced price too.

Places to visit in the area are Bitburg, Vianden just 20 minutes up the road in Luxemburg where you can get your cheap fuel from and take a ride, to see a bit of the country visiting Diekirch and Echternach and back to Bitburg and Oberweis.  If you want to go a bit further away Berkastel-Kues on the Mosel is about an hours drive, and if you have never been there, it is a very old quaint town with cobble stone streets and tall timbered buildings (more about this wine town in trip 2 2005)  Trier is the largest City nearby.  This is one of the cities that you need an Umwelt Plakette to take your car into the centre.  (See my page on this topic). If you do not purchase a Plakette you can always park your car on the out skirts of the city and go in by public transport.  Car parking fees are much cheaper in this part of Europe than the UK.           



                                              Our pitch overlooking the river.



                                                      View from over the River.                                       

Site No.2.

ALISEHOF SCHWARZWALDCAMPING***** Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach.  ACSI CC Accepted. Listed CC Europe 2.  2nd visit here, we love it,and find the owner Kurt very hospitable as mentioned in last trip 2006.  Wifi very reasonable available in the caravan.  Toilets and Showers 5 star.  Situated at edge of the village by the side of a pretty babbling stream and borded by a large Timber Yard, the smell is wonderful.

Places to visit, just up the road, Bad Petersal, try the Cafe Rapple here for coffee and strudel which is excellent.  Wild Shapbach and then on to Wolfach the little town mentioned in last trip 2006.  Freudenstadt, Altenstadt, Calw where there is a large Caravan Centre that is worth a visit.    


               Familiar sight in the Black Forest.                                 View of the site.Alisehof.


                        Bad Peterstal Church.                                              Our Pitch by the stream.

Photo's enroute.

                  Barrel Organ at Service Area.                                        First glimpse of the Bodensee.

Site No. 3.


Last visited here in 2005 and found it very handy for the Brenner.   Nattersee Camping is now known as Camping Innsbruck and now takes ACSI CC.  More about this site in review of 2008 trip.

When we arrived on site we found a nice pitch with a good view nextto a British Motor Home.  The guy came and spoke to us and invited us for a cup of tea with his wife and westie dog Millie. Later on we had supper with them in the site restaurant and offered to take them on a trip to Gamish-Partenkirchen the next day with us.  We had a good day out and they invited us to their van for supper.  We left the next morning but arranged to meet them at Ossiach later on in the holiday.

Innsbruck is a lovely city to visit especially the Old Town (Alt Stadt). The other side of Innsbruck is Hall in Tyrol another old town and further on you can visit the Swarovski Crystal factory in Wattens and then the crystal, walled town of Rattenburg which is very quaint. 


                             View from pitch.                                     Garmish-Partenkirchen.


En route to Italy.


                                                                 On the Brenner Motorway..     

Site No. 4.

LE PALME CAMPING, Pacengo, Lazise, Lake Garda, ITALY.   ACSI CC Taken then but not since. Listed CC Europe 2. 

A very nice site on Lake Garda but our outfit was too long to negotiate the road and bends to park with a lake view.  But it was very nice where we pitched and near to the facilities which were 5 star.  A shame it does not still take the CC.  The staff were very helpful. There was a cafe with internet available and swimming pool at the office, situated at the main entrance which was some way from the main road therefore the site was very quiet.

Lots of nice places to visit nearby,  Lazise Harbour and town where you can catch the ferry to other parts of the lake.  Salou is a nice town, Peschiera del Garda, where there is Camping West a caravan centre.  Dezenzano and others in the photo's below.      


                                Malcesne.                                              Torri de Benaco. 







                               Lazise Harbour.                                            Sunset in Lazise.

Site No.5.

CAMPING EUROPA, Passignano sul Trasimeno..  CAMPSITE NOW CLOSED.

Back for a third visit from here (see info in previous trips.)  We did find a Caravan Centre which was very good called E7 in San Martino in Campo,  There are two OBI (like B&Q) in the area, one just before Perugia and the other between Perugia and Assisi.  Lots of other big stores there as well.



                                                             Assisi                                                .                                                                                 .




                                                      Looking towards Lake from Pitch.   



                                             St.Francis Monestry. Assissi.                                              

Site No. 6.

JODL CAMPING, Alt Ossiach, Ossiachersee, Karnten, AUSTRIA.     CAMPSITE NOW CLOSED

See more info in the previous 3 years pages. 

We are always drawn back here when we get into Europe and feel so at home and never want to leave.  There is so much to see in the area and we have not covered all the passes and places of interest.  Shops that are open on Sunday here, which is rare for Austria and Germany, are Lidl, Hofer (which is Aldi in Austria) and Billa situated at the North West corner of the See. 

May 1st we went round the lake to see the raising of the Maypole  before, in the afternoon meeting friends from the UK  at Klagenfurt Airport just over half an hour away from Ossiach.  Ryanair fly here every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and return the same afternoon. Our friends have come to visit us and stay in one of the Jodl holiday apartments for a week.  Unfortunately John developed a lump on his back which was very painful.  When our friend arrived, he being a Doctor said he should go to the Hospital, so next morning off he and John went. They came home an hour later and I had to drive John back to the Hospital in Villach to be admitted for an operation.  Two days later he was released fully fit minus the carbuncal, as they called it, on his back.  The Hospital was five star could not fault anything (no bugs here).  All we had to pay for was the food consumed in the hospital.  

After these visitors left the couple with the westie Millie arrived and spent a few days with their Motor Home at Jodl with us and we were able to show them around going back to Slovenia, which Bled is only an hour away through the Karawanken Tunnel,  from Jodl.  After 21 nights here, we sadly left for the next stop, Vienna.       


               View from the van through the awning.                      View up the Site.


           Pulling the Tree along the road by Horse.                   Erecting the tree by the Locals. 



                                                    Square in Klagenfurt.                           



                                                 A pleasant view of Bohnji Slovenia.


                        Original Porch Factory, Gmund on the way to the Maltatal and Waterfall.

Site No. 7.

DONAUPARK CAMPING TULLN, Tulln, Vienna.  ACSI CC Taken.  Listed CC Europe 2. 

Our second visit here, we find it very handy for getting into Vienna and exploring the surrounding area.  See Trip No. 1. for more info.

This was the first time we found the day (10 hr) boat trip to Melk.  Price then each was 15 euros about £10 in 2004. The MS Stadt Wein is a Paddle boat and a Hotel . During the week it is moored on the Danube at Tulln and on Sunday it makes this day round trip up the river to Melk.  You can go single and train back if you want.  The cakes and food on board are very good as is the Service.  If you are in Austria in May two specialties are Asparagus (Spargel) in German. Most retaurants and cafe's have a whole, seperate menu with just Asparagus dishes on.  The other specialty is Barlachcremesuppen made from the green tops of garlic plant, it is delicous if you like garlic that is.


                            MS Stadt Wein.                                           Elevens's on the Boat. 


                                    A Church and Castle on the Danube seen from the Boat Trip.

Site No. 8.

AUSTRIA CAMP,  Listed CC Europe 2.

 Back to Mondsee for the third time just as nice and well kept as ever.  For more on this site see Trip 2 and 3. 


                 Shop Window in Bertchesgaden.                           View from the See.


                                           Cable Car St. Gilgen.


                                                  Ramsau Church and the River.

Site No. 9.

CAMPING WALDSEE, Roth, Nr Nuremburg.  ACSI CC Taken.  Listed CC Europe 2.

The site is situated by a small See and is in the country side just outside Roth.  When we arrived the site was very crowded, being a Bank Holiday, but next day it rained all day and everbody decided to pack up and go home.  We came here to visit Nuremberg but it rained for the duration of our stay so saw little of the city.  We did find the town of Neumarkt which was interesting to see as we live near Newmarket, England.  It is a nice small town, very nice, but no horses.  Due to the awful weather I have not many photo's of the area or Nuremburg.






                                                             Camping Waldsee.


Site No. 10.

CAMPING ZUR BRUCKENSHANKE, Hattenheim, Eltville on the Rhine. No listed by ACSI or the Caravan Club.  (See Trip 2 for more info.)

It is time to meet up with our German friends from Frankfurt but as they had a busy shedule, they could not bring their caravan over to stop but just visit us for a day.  As usual when  we are near Rudesheim I have to have my Rudesheimer coffee.  If you do not know what this is it is coffee made in a special cup with Asbach Brandy, originally made in Rudesheim, with  cream floated on the top.  By the way food in the Bruckenshanke is very good and there is a nice Gasthof in the villiage across the main road.


                        Eberbach Monestry                               View from bedroom window.


                   An unusual boat for the Rhein                                  Rudesheim.

Site No. 11.

PRUMTAL CAMPING,***** Oberweis, Nr. Bitburg, Eifel.    ACSI CC Accepted.  Listed CC Europe 2.   

Back here where we started our trip 2 months ago.  It is a nice place to start and finish a holiday.  (See info at the begining of this trip).  



 Funny! This is the name of our Caravan Dealer.  


   Outside Restaurant at Prumtal Camping.





                                                 Inside Main Smoke free Restaurant. 


Site No. 12.

CAMPING DE BIEN ASSISE, Guines, Nr Eurotunnel. FRANCE. ACSI CC Taken Listed CC Europe 1.  

First time here we did not book but in future would ring or email ahead to book as it can get very busy with people en route to or from their holiday.  The pitches are very large and very pleasant and when ever we have been here it has been 80% British staying.  Being 20 minutes from the Tunnel is brilliant.

The Restaurant on site is OK but the La Ferme Goumande on site is much better and not over expensive.  We did stop here for two nights to see a bit of the area but the weather was awful, mist and drizzle so did not see much.  Left the site 8.20 am arrived Tunnel 8.39 am.  No photo's weather too bad.


A lovely holiday, not long enough,though.  Loads of memories and meeting up with new and old friends was good.  We have covered 5,573 miles with the car, less with the caravan.  No breakdowns or accidents this year just 3 days in Hospital for John .