Joys of European Caravanning


Trip to Europe No.6. 2009.


Outfit 2005 Kia Sorento XS with 2005 Elddis Crusader Storm. 

This is our shortest trip in mileage  yet.  We did cut down to 2 months again due to the state of the Pound/Euro.  We crossed the Channel on 14th April at 3.35 am by Eurotunnel as usual.  Price. £176.  This year we have long time friends from our home town in Northamptonshire travelling with us for the first 3 weeks.  Due to deciding in February to do this trip Jan and Pete, our friends from Northamptonshire, could not get such a good deal on the Tunnel as us so decided to travel on Norfolk  Line Dover to Dunkirk which was much cheaper.  This was a bit of a disaster at first as they were supposed to leave the UK around 6 am and would meet us at Oberweis, at our first site, during the afternoon. But the French fishermen decided to block the Channel Ports and they ended up stopping in the UK all day and overnight not getting away till 2 pm the next day which made it too late to get to Oberweis.  They stopped overnight in Belgium and arrived Oberweis on the 16th, 2 days late. 

Site No. 1.

PRUMTALCAMPING,***** Oberweis, Nr Bitburg, Eifel, GERMANY. ACSI CC Accepted.  Listed CC Europe 2.

Back at what is becoming our first stop every trip now. See last two trips to see more info on this site and where to visit in the Area.  


                        All Pitched.                                               Raining in Bernkastel. 


  Where there is muck there is Money?     Luxemburg..        Market Square Echternacht.

Site No. 2.

ALISEHOF,***** Bad Rippoldsau/Schapbach, Black Forest.    ACSI CC Accepted.  Listed CC Europe 2.

Here for the third time, we always enjoy it.  More info 2006 and 2007 Trips. There is so much to see in this area and it is in a good position as being central in the Black Forest.



                        Cuckoo Clock Sign.                                 Escaped Goats on Site.



Well what a shame and a shock to see this site closed it was in such a good position for the Brenner Motorway and Italy.  No reason given why it is closed. Anyway we spent a free night on the carpark out side with a German and Dutch Motorhome. 


                  Coffee Stop en route                                              Austrian Border


                     How lovely Austria is!                                       Lunch Stop what a place! 


           Sign confronted us at Kranbitten.       Result 1 night on the P+R Carpark outside. 

Site No. 4.

WINKLE-LANDTHAL,**** Bischofswiesen, Bertchesgaden, GERMANY.  ACSI CC Accepted.

This was a new site for us and in a very good position to visit, Salzburg, Bertchesgaden, Ramsau and Oberndorf.  We aretoo early to be able to visit the Eagles Nest as it does not open till mid May due to snow on the mountain.  We have been many times and it really is worth a visit.  Our friends Pete and Jan were sorry not to be able to visit it.  We did get a fleeting glimpse of it when  visiting the village of Buchenhoe on the Obersalzburg. They were able to go down  the Hitler Bunkers though at the Turken.  Visited Ramsau, Salzburg and Oberndorf to see the Silent Night Chapel where the Carole was written.

The Site itself was very pleasant the toilets and showers were excellent.  The owner, well not too friendly we found, but this would not stop us visiting this site again.  When we went into Bertchesgaden John and I were shocked to see a great crater right in the centre of the town.  The shop where John always buys his trousers from had gone with what seemed to be half the shopping area. They are rebuilding with a big hotel, underground carpark and shops, some of which are supposed to be opening in September so Max Kopel (the owner of the shop we always visit which is now in tempory premises elsewhere in the town. We are looking forward to visiting in 2010 to see the what it all looks like. 

Took our picnic lunch and ate in the car with snow all around us on the Rossfeld Pass taking in the wonderful views.  We then went for a walk down to the Koningsee what a beautiful See that is.


                     Ramsau Village.                                   Distant View of the Eagles Nest.  



              Castle on the Hill.                       Salzburg.              Shopping Street. 


        Public Garden in Bertchesgaden.                                  View from the Rossfeld Pass.


             The Crater Bertchesgaden.                            Old Buildings in the Square.  

Site No. 5.

JODLCAMPING, Alt Ossiach, Ossiachersee, Karnten,  AUSTRIA.  CAMPSITE NOW CLOSED.  

Well I cannot say any more about this site without repeating myself, being this our 6th visit here.  Info over the last five trips.  Jan and Pete have not ever been here before nor been to much of Germany and were impressed.  I have included quite a lot of photo's to this part of the holiday for two reasons, 1. There are so many wonderful places to visit and 2. because we are staying here for 5 weeks.


                                   Two views of the Ossiachersee from the Boat.


                        Prices of Fuel in Austria.                                  St Veit an der Glan.



          7 yr old skimming up Maypole.                  What a View from the Supper Table.


       View of Karawanken from Worthersee.                     Music Fest on the Wothersee.


       Wedding inside Maria Worth Church.                              Outside of Church.


                 Caravan Site on Weissensee                         Distant view of Caravan Site                  


                          Two different trains that take you up the Reisseck Mountain.


                            Three views up the Girlitzen Mountain overlooking Ossiachersee.

Site No. 6.

BAVARIA KUR & SPORT CAMP, **** Egging am See,  Nr Passau, GERMANY.   ACSI CC Accepted.

First time for us in this part of Germany I have always wanted to visit Passau so this year we did it and were not disappointed.

The site was a few miles from Passau, but situated in rural area which was very pleasant. Passau itself is a very pleasant town, parking was easy and cheap.  The shops were good and varied and plenty of cafe's and restaurants.  On strolling down to the river we found the Kristallschiff moored up and loading with passengers for the early afternoon cruise and it was packed with passengers. This boat looked superb done out in thousands of Swarovski Crystals.  We enquired about price etc and were told the best sailing to go on is the first of the day not being so crowded and lasting 15 minutes longer than those later on in the day.  So next day we did the trip which was most enjoyable the boat was something else, could not believe the amount of crystals and it was like a 5 star hotel.  Most of the boat had plush seating where coffee, cakes and light refreshments were served by waitresses.  Going up the river it was      unusal that you were travelling between two countries, Germany and Austria after you left Passau.  I cannot remember the prices at the moment but will add them when I find them,but I know it was very  reasonable.

The site itself was quite pleasant but got very busy and crowded between 4 pm and 10 am when all the Dutch called in for the night en route South.  The pitches were quite small and difficult to get onto because the site roads were very narrow.  The Restaurant was very good as were the Toilets and Showers.  Free wifi was obtainable adjacent to the Reception.  Satellite Television was easy to set up.




                                                        Two views of Passau.


                                                          Inside the Kristallschiff.


                    Crystals in the Staircase.                              Hanging from the Ceiling.


                The Inn flowing into Danube.                         View of Austria from the Boat.



               You can see we did not have much room. Car had to go at front of van.


Site No. 7.

CAMPING WERTHEIM, Bettingen, Nr Wurzburg.    ACSI CC Accepted.

We have been past Wurzburg many times and have always intended visiting it but never got there, this year we did.  I must admit I was a bit disappointed it was not like I thought it would be at all.

The site was lovely though.  The first entrance you come to is really for the overnight Dutch again but we pulled in there, liked the open field and set up on the edge at about 3 pm.  4 pm and in they all came right up to 7 pm.  They parked in all directions, which did look a jumble, but it amused us.  If we had gone into the second entrance we would have been down by the River but it was quite full.  The Toilets, Showers and Restaurant plus office was there at that entrance so after booking in we did not go back there again, other than fetching the rolls in the was a long walk to the Showers and Loo's so used our own facilities.


                                    Empty Field in the Morning.


                                             Full Field Evening. 




Site No. 8.


This was not our choice but that of our German friends from Frankfurt.  They booked it ahead and arranged to arrive later on in the day to us.  We decided to set up right on the front close to the river.  We certainly did not have a dull moment.  Boats on the river on one side, road and railway on the other. On the other side of the river  yet the other railway and road.  We did not mind it and enjoyed the activity and still slept like logs.

Our friend, Bernhard, always has places to visit up his sleeve and drives us around.  We went up to the Lorely on the first day and then along the river for lunch, doing shopping on the way back and Bernhard cooked the Supper.  Next day we went across the ferry again and down to Koblenz to visit the  Ehrenbreitstein Fort standing high above the river looking over the confluence of the two rivers Rhine an Moselle with the statue of Emperor Wilhelm standing on the left. For a good view hyou can have lunch at the Restaurant at the Fort and watch the boats from up high.  On the right, looking down at the Moselle, is a large Caravan Site which did look nice.  We shopped again on the way home having crossed the River Rhine by bridge this time and I cooked supper for everyone. Next day it was off on the short journey to Oberweis. 

                                           Views of Rhine and Caravan Site.

                                       View from the Lorely of Caravan.

                  View from Lorely.                                            View of Lorely.          


                                      View of Fort Restaurant. 

           View from Restaurant over the joining of Two Rivers. Rhine and Moselle.

Site No. 9.

PRUMTAL CAMPING. ***** Oberweis, Bitburg. ACSI CC Taken.

Well we are back again, now on our way home.  Site info in previous pages.  We had a warm welcome from Herr Kohler and then made our way down to our usual site down by the river.  A big weekend coming up as is is a Bank Holiday and there is a Road Racing event taking place from the Site.  Therefore it was much busier than usual, but no problems.  John and I could not believe how well behaved the German children were in the Tents around and the 3 boys plus large dog in the caravan with their parents next door to us, were absolute perfection.  Over our 3 day stay here we did our last cheap shopping for food and booze at Toombs and Lidl's and down the road to Vianden, Luxemburg to fill the tank up with cheap Diesel (86 cents litre).   


                  View over the Eifel                           A Wonderful last Meal at Prumtal Restaurant. 

Site No. 10.

LA BIEN ASSISE,**** Guines, Nr. Calais, FRANCE. www.  ACSI CC Accepted. Listed CC Europe 1.

Third vist here so more info at the end of last years Page.  As we are only here for 1 night no photo's were taken so just two more of the Tunnel and the floods  in Mildenhall as the result of a freak hail storm. No we did not have the caravan on the back it was in the evening after getting home at lunch time, on our way to our daughters, for supper.



                                       Ready to leave the Tunnel



                                  Downpour in Mildenhall on Return. 


We had another marvellous holiday with no mishaps to us, car or caravan, covering 4,208 miles with the car over 62 days.  The least number of sites and mileage we have done on a European trip so far.