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Trip to Europe - No 8.  2011. Proposed Itinerary.


This of course is in the future.  The Tunnel is booked for April and return in June. Same outfit Kia Sorento and Elddis Crusader Storm.  The only other decisions made are the First Stop Prumtal Camping Oberweis, Germany our usual pitch booked and our long stay site in our favourite Country Austria, Jodl Camping, Ossiachersee, Karnten, Southern Austria.  Usual pitched booked here also.

Have now worked out a probable itinery as far as Southern Austria.

11th April, 10.30 pm   Leave home for Chanel Tunnel.        128 miles.

12th April 3.30 am.    Leave UK and arrive Coquelles 35 minutes later.

269 miles to No.1. Site.  Prumtal Camping at Oberweis. Germany.

152 miles to No.2. Site.  at Heidelberg.

177 miles to No.3. Site.  at Camping Int., Wertach on Romantiche Strasse.

145 miles to No.4. Site.  at Winkl-Landthal, Bishofsweissen, Berchtesgaden.

118 miles to No.5. Site  at Jodl Camping, Alt Ossiach, Southern Austria. Arrive here the 22nd April for 6 weeks.   Return Journey will most probably be two Sites in The Austrian Tyrol, one site in the Black Forest, Oberweis to meet our Dutch friends and then up into Holland to Maarstrict with last night at Guines in France before returning to the UK via the Tunnel. 30th June.

Have decided, today the 30th January, to visit Maastrict in Holland for a couple of nights after Oberweiss on our way to Guines.  This is the home of my favourite Musician, Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, and after seeing his concerts there on DVD I want to visit it.  Pity is Andre Rieu is there giving 3 concerts 10 days after we leave.  Should have looked before we booked the passage home.  Added to this have now booked for Concert in Arnhem on 17th December    

Latest news is a two Members of this website are visiting Jodl Camping while we are stopping there, we enjoy meeting Members and last year met up with two couples.  Also we are meeting up with German friends from a Caravan Forum and Dutch friends met on a campsite in Germany in 2009 at Oberweis for a few days on the way down and on the way home.

Proposed Route 1.Campsites.

Route 1. Map.

First Stop.

Prumtal Camping, Oberweis, Nr Bitburg, Germany.                                                   

12th April.  Arrived here on Tuesday morning at 11.30 am after excellent journey with 2 stops from the Tunnel leaving there just over 5 am. Set up on our usual pitch, very quiet as it is before Easter only 4 caravans here and none in our immediate area so it is like a huge Caravan Club CL.  Feel so at home here, we love it.  Everyone at Prumtal Camping, Family and Staff are so kind, friendly and helpful.  

13th April.  Yesterday, Wednesday went to do grocery shopping at Tooms, excellent shop in Bitburg that sells everything at very good prices, they accept UK Debit Cards ok.  In the afternoon went to Luxembourg to Vianden to the garage for Diesel just 20 minutes in Vianden.  Diesel 1.21 Euro's per litre, 20 cents up on last years price. On the way back called into Home and Decor shop of Thiex lovely shop and worth a look around.   At night went up to the Restaurant on site and had an excellent meal  5* but not expensive. 

14th April,   Drove to the Mosel and Bernkastel for Lunch at the Moselblumchen Hotel, in Swannenstrasse.  This is the Hotel we always stop at when visiting the Christmas Market here at Christmas time.  Food is excellent and a very varied Menu.  Like here at the site prices are cheap in comparison to the UK even with the Pound being so bad at present. 

Have the Satellite Dish set up and get good reception here including our own BBC1 East like home. 


Prumtal Camping

Pitch 322+323

Prumtal Restaurant.

Fuel Luxembourg.  12th April 2011.


Camping ACSI Site Neckargumnd

15th April  We arrived here at 3pm and Lutz,from Practical Caravan Forum was already set up.  We set up on the river front and paid 2.50 Euro's a night extra to 15 euro's ACSI charge.  We thought it was worth it for the view.

We enjoyed the site the Owner was very friendly and very helpful.  Lutz kindly cooked supper for us and we enjoyed a nice evenings chat. 

16th April.  In the morning Lutz came and had coffee with us and then departed back home with his van.  We drove into Heidelberg and spent a lovely 4 hours roaming the Alt Town and Shops before driving back to the van for Supper.  We had intended goin in by boat butthey only started today for the season and the times did not fit in with our itinerary so it was the car. 

17th April.  We decided to move on to our next stop today being Sunday and no lorries on the road.  So packed up and left at 9.50 am.


Neckergumund ACSI Campsite.

Heidelberg. Markt Platz.


Heidelberg. Castle.

Wertach, Bavaria.

Arrived at Camping Gruntensee International **** at 3.15pm and decided to pay 1.50 Euro's extra to go lower down the site where the pitches were a bit bigger for our 8 metre van. 

Site is excellent,  Showers/Toilets first class.  ACSI 15 euro's with CC.  Staff were very friendly and helpful,  The Restaurant was open and looked lovely but we had our own food on board so decided to eat in the van.  WiFi was free but I could not get it where our van was pitched but OK in the Wlan room where you can get wifi on your laptop for free or pay 1 Euro for 30 mins or 2 Euro's for 1 hour using their modern computers and printer. 

18th April.  The Site is within easy reach of Fussen the delightful Bavarian Old Town.  Parking is good, underground and cheap to use while you view the lovely buildings of this town.  Moving on a few miles down the road to Schwangau is the famous, Castle of Neuschwanstein.  Parking here is very well organised at 5 Euro's per day (one price) walk a few yards and you caqn catch a bus up to the Castle and Bridge to view the Castle for 1.80 Euro's up and 1 Euro down catching it at the turning circle where you get off.  If you wish to visit inside the Castle buy your tickets down at the Car Park area before getting the bus.  Another form of transport is by Horse drawn Carriage not sure of the price on that one though.  On the opposite hill to the Neuschwanstein Castle is the Hohenschwangau Castle which you can also visit.

19th April.  Today we decided to drive towards the Fernpass and visit Lemoos and view the Zugspitz.  Very pleasant short drive through Germany and a bit of Austria.   We took a picnic lunch. In Lemoos we stopped to buy Diesel Fuel for 1.39 euro's litre and then drive back to site ready for drive to Berchtesgaden tomorrow morning.   We had a problem just a few minutes of refuelling when the car engine suddenly stopped.  It started again straight away but did it again and a light came on "check engine"  John checked the oil and thought it may need topping up so slowly progressed to the next garage enroute to put some in.  After this everything OK.

We did go and look at the other ACSI Site in Wertach, it was not on the See.  

Gruntensee International**** ACSI Site.

ACSI Allotted Pitches.

Sanitaire 1.



Schwangau,  The Neuschwanstein Castle.

Schwangau,  Hohenschwangau Castle.


We set off from  Gruntensee at 9.55 am but did not get too far as going up the hill out of Nesslewang we had the problems of yesterday occur.  We moved slowly on up the hill after re-starting the car and made it to a Gasthof Carpark where we asked if we could ring ADAC for assistance from there which was granted.  I rang ADAC on the mobile number being 22 22 22 very simple.  Answered in Munich by English speaking extremely helpful employee.  He said have a cup of coffee in the Gasthof and we will ring back just before arrival.  This was done and the ADAC Angel with low loader arrived ., Stephan spoke perfect English and tested the engine.  He could find the problems so suggested he loaded the car onto the lorry and then take it to the Kia Garage at Kempten, 15 kilometres away.  John went with the car I elected to stop with the caravan.

3 hours later John arrived back, after tests on the engine, two test drives they could not find a problem but opted to put on a new Diesel Filter.  We put the caravan on the back and a few kilometers the same thing happened the warning check engine light came on again but when re-started went off so we slowly proceeded across country getting to the Munich motorway without any more problems.  A couple of miles before Bishofsweisen and the campsite is a steep hill and the engine did stop again but started once more to finish the journey arriving 8 pm. Winkle-Landthal is a pleasant site where we have been twice before.  This year it was busier than usual being Easter weekend ahead.  You can opt for two prices with ACSI now 13 euro's for standard pitch and 15 euro's for fully serviced pitch with water, waste and tv point.  We only spent one night here en-route to Austria so just did our shopping in Berchtesgaden having lunch at our favourite Gasthof, Bier Adam, which is in the town centre and is the oldest Gasthof in the Town.  The staff were most welcoming as usual.  Leaving here we went to the shopping centre in Bishofsweissen and bought groceries and deisel fuel.  The car had given no more trouble and after refuelling not more trouble so we deduced the problem was with the BP Diesel taken in at Lemoos it either had dirt or water in it.

We can now vouch for ADAC Membership it was excellent and can not fault it.  




Waiting for ADAC to Arrive.

On the ADAC Recovery Vehicle.

Berchtesgaden.  Campsite Winkle-Landthal, ACSI - €13 or 14

AUSTRIA.   Ossiachersee in Karnten.

Jodl Camping.  CAMPSITE NOW CLOSED. Will recommend an alternative soon as this area of Austria should not be missed.


We had an excellent journey down from near to Salzburg on the A10 one of the most picturesque roads you are every likely to travel on.

After leaving Winkle-Landthal at 9. 13 am we proceeded to the A8 and arrived at Walserberg Services to buy our 2 month Vignette at 9.35 am.  €23. and then onto the A10.  Stopped for coffee and kuchen at Eben Landzeit Services at 10.30 am and left 10.59 am.  Travelled to the Tauern Tunnel and and found that Landseit has opened a new Services/Restaurant there.  We will try it on our way back.  They are always excellent and very very much more upmarket than the services in other countries. After going through the tunnel at 11.11 am 6.4 km long and then into the Katschberg Tunnel at 11.37 am 5.4 km long paying total toll of €9.50 for car and caravan.  At 12.27 pm off the A10 on the Southern route to Ossiach arriving 12.50 pm. 

We had a very warm welcome had coffee and 1 hour old fresh Apfel Struedel and the set the caravan up on its usual pitch including the Awing, Canopy and Satellite Dish.  Needed the later for Andre Rieu on Sky Arts 2 tomorrow.  Even though it is Good Friday very quiet here in Austria the season does not start till the 8th of May when it is Mutter's Tag (Mother's Day) here.

Have been having a very relaxing time since being here, not much travelling.  Spent the 29th from 8 am to 8pm watching the Royal Wedding.  Been shopping for food two or three times, to the Caravan Center in Villach on 13th and 14th May. Last Monday we did a short mountain trip to Simonhohe the other side of Feldkirchen and then onto Klagenfurt coming home along the Worthersee through Krumendorf, Portsach, and Velden.  Enjoying the warm sunny weather and the peace and quiet of this part of Austria with wonderful views of Mountains and See's.


Easter at Jodl.

Easter Bunnies in the Van.

A typical Easter Gift from the Campsite Owners.

Mutter's Tag  (Mothers Day).title

It is getting busier now the boat is now doing trips on the See all the passes are open and weather is lovely.  We went for a ride through the mountains but on a steep incline the car stopped again so we made our way back to the Campsite.  Andreas , co owner of the site rang the Kia garage in Gurk 40 km from here and told them the problem on Monday morning and they said they new what the problem was and to go out there the next day at 10 am. 

Next day at 9.45 am we arrived at the garage 9.50 am the mechanic looked under the back seat and took out the Fuel Pump and went into the garage coming back minutes later with the filter which he showed us and the  new one, much larger he replaced into the pump and tank.  At 10.10 we pulled out of the garage all paid up and dusted.  We then went into the beautiful village of Gurk and had a coffee at the Conditiorei and a Struedel of course.  Then we took a mountain trip of the Gurktal to Sirnitz, Hochrindlhutte at 1561 mts. high to Ebene Reichenau and onto the 95.  The scenery was stunning. you could see for miles and miles.  We travelled down the 95 a little way and then went up the mountain pass to the Falkertsee 1842 mts above sea level.  Very pretty but quiet nothing open so we decended back to the 95 and stopped at Gnesau for Hungarian Goulash at Cafe at  €5.60 for two with Bread Roll which was delicious. Next down to Feldkirchen and back to the Ossiachersee.


Gurk and the Gurktal Scenery on way back to Ossiach.                                The Offending Filter.

Dom at Gurk.


Mountain View.


View from road while descending from Falkertsee.


Old Timber Chalet next to Cafe on the 95.

A Day Trip to Slovenia.

We decided last week to visit Volkermarkt about an  hour east of here to visit  a friend who was  born in Norwich but lives here now having  been in the  army   in  Austria during the war and married an Austrian lady, who  died some years ago and now lives here with his Family.

We always come and take him out for lunch and a ride . This time to Slovenia just a few miles  away.  We went over Border  at  Hotmec  just past Bleiburg. We turned East but it was very  built up and Industrial so then turned West to   Crna and the Slovenian Alps a beautiful ride to Sostanj, Nazarje, where we had lunch, then on to Ljubno, Solcova past  Logarska Dolina National Park and up the winding pass  to  the  minor  border we have  been over before back into Austria through  Bad Eisenkappel, Eberndorf,  Kuhnsdorf and into  Volkermarkt  to drop Peter off.     Back to the van at 5.30 pm.                         


View in the Country side.

Restaurant and Lunch. 


Views back in Austria.

Looking down on the road home. 1339 mts above sea level.


2nd trip to Slovenia.

We went on this trip to Bled to look at site staking a couple stopping here at Jodl which they found on my website via Practical Caravan Forum.  We left Jodl at 9.30 am and made for the Wurzen Pass via Villach. as we did not want to pay for vignette for 1 day.  We then proceeded to Kranjska Gora stoping to view and take photo's at lay by above the village of Podkoren. 

We had coffee at a cafe near to skilift and then walked around the small town. The Market Place and Church are worth looking at.  We then went up the Soca Pass a little way and had a picnic lunch before starting our way south east to Bled via Jesenice.  Driving into Bled at Lesce is a good Campping Sobec ***** it is left off the main road and is away from the town and quite rural.  We went into the Reception and Brochure and they invited us to tour the quite large site by car.  We stopped to inspect the Showers/Toilets and found them to be excellent, modern and pristine clean.  The pitches were well kept grass areas with many trees surrounded by the Sava River.  Lovely Shop, Restaurant, with Playgrounds, tennis and mini golf.   Free WiFi.    Not ACSI but 5% discount for members of ACSI, and ADAC  or 10% for over a 7 day stay.  It is quite a way from the town of Bled.                                              

Next we went through the town and along the stunning Lake Bled to Camping Bled *****   Again we asked for permission to view the site by foot this time and inspected the Toilets/Showers, Laundry room.  Both blocks were excellent and pristine and modern.  Pitches are grassed in trees with a few hedges here and there.  Restaurant looked nice, Reception was very friendly and helpful.  Though not ACSI they do have deals on. 

Our view of both sites was they were excellent one being right out of Bled and the other on the Lake near to town. Our friends are going to Camping Bled next week for 8/9 days and will send me a full opinion of it while staying there after they leave.  I will post this as soon as I have it.

We then made for Austria again this time over the Pass and through Loibltunnel, to Klagenfurt, along the Worthersee and back to Ossiachersee and the caravans.


Picture from above Podkoren.

Cafe overlooking the Ski run.

Kranjska Gora Market Place and Church.

View on Camping Sobec.

Creme Schnitte.

View over Lake Bled.

Supper with a Difference.

Supper out with a difference in Austria.

German Friends asked us to go to supper with them and they took us to this Farm close by between here Jodl and Feldkirchen.  It was superb and very reasonable in price.  The name is Buschenshenke Ruppnig.  Everything on the menu is grown or made on the Farm they are not allowed to sell any other produce.  The food consists of Cold Meats, Cheeses and Bread served on a wooden platter.  To drink you can have home made Most (Like English Cider) Apple Juice or a mixture of both.  Pictures below are of 2 or the meals one cost €7 and the other €3.50 which was the purely meat platter on bread with onion and horseradish on top.

You can sit outside on a nice evening outside the Farmhouse or in bad weather inside.  They serve from 4pm to 10pm every day except Monday and Tuesday.

This dish is Biettljause.

This dish is Schweisbratonbrot.

The Farmhouse and Yard.

What's this then?

I never thought I would ever see this on Jodl in Southern Austria.  Four Brit Caravans all in a row on Kaiserstrasse  (King Street).  There was another one parked down by the See.


Pictures taken from the Goldeck one of the many Panoramastrasse you can go up in the car to get wonderful views over Karnten.  It costs €12 to do this road and it is well worth it. This view is towards the mountains of Italy you can just see in the distance.  Another way you can visit the summit 2,00 metre's is on the Bergbahnen from Spittal an der Drau from mid June.


View towards the Millstattersee.

Village Church of Stockenboi on the way to the Goldeck.

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