Joys of European Caravanning


Proposed Trip and Itinerary 2012.

Tunnel booked for passage on 12th April going out and 22nd June for return. Note this last date revised by adding 10 more days to the trip.  Had to pay just £13.80 for extra on Tunnel and £20 to change to the Caravan Club.  Same price as last year so no problem there. Car and Caravan will be same Kia Sorento towing Elddis Crusader Storm.  Very happy with both still.

We will be making for Ossiach for our usual 6 weeks travelling through a little of France, Belgium and into Germany stopping at our usual first site of Prumtal Camping, at Oberweis for 3 nights and from then on have not decided.  Fancy a stop near to Regensburg as understand it is a lovely city which we have never actually visited.  Then we have one more stop before Austria.  Coming home probably will be via The Bodensee where we have stopped before but never with the caravan.

Will be planning the route on the ACSI European DVD for 2012 when it arrives.  This is due any day from ACSI a prize for evaluating some of their Camping Card sites on line.  Was due for a new one as the one I have is a 2008 version.     I do not think it is necessary to replace it each year as the Sites do not change a lot over the years and there is a link to the Camping Card Site to get up to date information on these.  


Cindy.  The Boss on our Austrian Campsite Jodl Camping.

View from the Caravan over Easter Holiday. 2011

Kaiserstrasse as never been seen before.  Four Brit Caravans.  All friends we have met from them contacting me through this website.  There is another one down by the See but it is not in view.  It was only for 1 night that there were 4 and only a few days there was 3 but it was lovely to meet them all.  Jodl 2011.

2012 Itinery Travelling to Ossiach.

We will travel down to Folkestone to the Channel Tunnel and catch the Train leaving around 3.30 am arriving Calais 5 am European Time. First stop will be in Belgium at Service area to fill up with Diesel and a Cup of Coffee.  Then it will be on for another 100 miles and stop for Breakfast. Lunch will all being well at Prumtal Resturant at around mid day.  We will spend 3 nights here before moving on to a site near to Karlsruhe for 1 night then onto Regensburg for 2 nights. Regensburg we are told is a very nice City situated on the banks of the Danube.  No ACSI CC Site in this area so have to find another.  Maybe an ADAC Campsite, though we are not members of the Caravan Campsite Section. Then it is on to Bertchesgaden for a couple of nights at Winkle-Landthal at Bishofswiesen.  While at Bertchesgaden we hope to visit Schloss Adler of  Where Eagles Dare where the WW2 film was partly filmed.

The Schloss is actually named Hohenwerfen and it is in Austria.  The Schloss has never had a Cable Car as seen in the film, but has a Funicular Railway to get to the top.  The little town of Werfen is supposed to be very pretty anis just off the A10 Autobahn.  We hope we will be able to visit the Schloss but snow at that time of year, mid April, can still be very deep on the mountains, and as the Eagles Nest, not too far away sometimes does not open till mid May maybe this will be a problem here too.  Still there is always when we come home.

We will spend a day in Berchtesgaden as this is one of our favourite spots in Germany have got to know owners of a couple of shops and restaurant staff so it is nice to see familiar faces and say hello once again. 

Next stop is our favourite site in Austria and our home for 6 weeks. Jodl Camping in Alt Ossiach.  It is lovely to meet up with friends we have met over the last 8 years at this Campsite of which the owners are so welcoming and helpful.  This year the Campsite Founder will celebrate her 90th birthday while we are there.  This Campsite was the first one to open on the Ossiachersee just after the war and the history is written down on the new Jodl website

Another friend who will visit two or three times a day will be Cindy she has got to know us and us to know her over the last 8 years. 

First Campsite.  Prumtal Camping, Oberweis, near to Bitburg Germany. ACSI CC 2012. Page 279 and Site No. 638.

First of all we started at Prumtal Camping one of our favourite sites. 

There is not much more I can say about this site which has not already been said on this website,  I can add though it gets better and this year especially for the Brits visiting Information has been written in English and given to each visitor as they sign in.

In a way I was sad to learn Herr Kohler has retired and handed the running of Prumtal to his two sons and daughter.   One Son is running the Kohler Stuben and the other son is running the Campsite with the help of his sister and bride to be at the begining of May.  They are all very friendly and helpful plus speak excellent English.

WiFi is very reasonable and you get a good reception away from the Office down by the river.

Meals in the Restaurant exceptionally good and very reasonable in price.  You can have a large meal or small meal at varying prices which is good for those with not such a large appetite. 


Second Campsite.  Cimbria Camping at Neckarzimmern, ACSI CC 2012 Page 293. Site No. 680.

We chose this site as it was half way to Regensburg where we wanted to visit. It was just 190 miles which was an easy journey.  The site is situated on the River Neckar  and is very attractive.  We enjoyed our stay the owners Familie Gerz, were very friendly and helpful.  Unfortunately they were not fully open as their new building housing the Office and Cafe were not complete.  WiFi was excellent and run by Hotspots costing here €1 an hour.  The River is not too busy and there were no overnight boats to keep you awake.  Along the front of the river where we were parked was the Electric 16 amp and in front of the caravan slabs to form a hard standing.  It was very cold while we were here so used our own facilities in the van.  Toilets were very clean and so were the showers. Going for a trip the next day we made for Heilbronn passing the very large, like a town of its own Audi Factory at Neckarsulm.  Heilbronn was a nice city we had a good walk around in the city centre and looked in the shops having lunch in a very nice Restaurant on the main square opposite the Rathaus (Town Hall)





Campsite Photo's

Another view of Campsite

Heilbronn Rathaus

3rd Campsite. Kratzmuhle**** at Kinding/Pfraundorf, ACSI CC Page 306,Site No. 719 in the 2012 Book.

This Campsite was excellent in the Country in Bavaria.  Their is a Mill there and a Gastof with restaurant, but we did not have time to try it as only there 2 nights to visit Regensburg and hour away by Car.  It has quite an extensive hard stsanding area for 1 night stops.  Staff were very helpful and friendly.  WiFi was by Hotspots. de again but a little more expensive than the last site at 1 hour €2. 3 hours €5 and 10 hours for €10. Kinding lays just off the A 9 Autobahn from Nuremburg to Munich.

From here we visited Regensburg to visit the ADAC Office where Ms Amanda Moser Wickles and Ms Barbara Lorenz work from who handle the Membership of Brits joining via this website.  They are both excellent at English and explaining all the ADAC Cover.  We very much enjoyed meeting them and seeing the Office in real life.  




ADAC Office.  Ms. Moser-Wickles on the Right and Ms. Lorenz in the Middle.

Arrival Jodl Camping, Alt Ossiach, Karten, Austria  CAMPSITE NOW CLOSED  will give a recommended site nearby for 2916.

Arrived here 2 days early as the campsite at Berchtesgaden was closed.  Being early we had the campsite to ourselves.  To help the Thalers we used just one shower in the Ladies Shower Room and cleaned it up ourselves.  It is just as lovely here and the weather a lot warmer than the trip down through Germany. One problem though now is you cannot get BBC or ITV TV programmes down here due to the closure of one satellite and the opening of a new one they are not available though we did get both at Kratzmuhle.  The first Sunday it did rain and we wanted to see the Formular 1 but as the Thaler's were going out for Lunch and the afternoon they gave us the key to the cafe so we could watch it on Austrian TV.  Since being here John has tried the Caravan Aerial and guess what!! we picked up Orf 1,2,3 and Sport so hopefully next week we will be able to watch from the caravan.  We can get all the Sky programmes but we do not have our HD card with us so no F1 on there.  On writing this we have had wonderful weather since 19th April except for that one Sunday when the rain fell as snow half way down the mountains around us but it did look lovely.  Since then it has been Sunny and Warm with temperatures between 23 and 30 degress centigrade.  Will add some new photo's and add some more another day. 

This is how you wash down the roof of your German Caravan.

22nd April and the rain that turned to snow on the Mountains around us.

View over Jodl from the Road.



Jodl Cafe

View from the Garage at the Services, Tauern Tunnel.

View to the See from Jodl Carpark.

Dish Washing Area.

The Old House on the Carpark.  Notice Cindy got in on the Act.

Portchach on the Wothersee.


View of Ossiachersee from Ossiach Tauern.

Old Town Square, Feldkirchen, Nearest small town to Jodl.

29th April a week after the rain and snow.


A Buschenshank is a Farm where they have a small restaurant in which they serve food, only products produced on the Farm are allowed to be sold.  This means the drinks are Most (Cider type)  Most mixed with Apple Juice or purley Apple Juice.  The Food is a variety of Breads, Various Meats and Sausages and Cheeses.  The meals are served on wooden boards and are very generous portions prices ranging from €3.30 to €7.00 each.  These details are for the two we have visited here near to the Ossiachersee.  Buschenshank Kolbl  and Buschenshank Ruppnig.  Buschenshanks are to be found here in Austria and in Bavaria in Germany and they are wonderful to visit.


Kolbl Buschenshank photo's. Ruppnig photo's on our last year's trip page..

Inside the Farmhouse.

The Farmhouse.

Day Trip to Italy, 19th May 2012

Today it is such lovely weather 23 Deg. Cent. so we decided to go out for the day just followed our noses and ended up in Italy the Border just 24 miles from Jodl Camping on the Road No. 83.  Tarvisio is just 6 miles into Italy, a lovely town where we had a coffee in a cafe on the Flower Market Place just off the main street.  We then went to the Information Office and they recommended us to go to the Lakes at Fusine just 10 kms down the road to Slovenia.  We had our picnic lunch here and a walk around  Below are photo's of the Trip.








Today the 20th May we took a short 18 mile ride to village of Maria Saal and visited the Karntner Freilichtmuseum (Museum of Karnten Houses and Barns.)  then we drove on to Magdalensberg which is 1,059 above sea level wonderful views and then down to Cafe Celtica at the Archelogical Site  Museum afew metres back down the road for a lovely cup of coffee and cake.  Below are some of the photo's. 

Oldest House.

View from the top.

Cottage on top of mountain at Magdalensberg.

Cafe Restaurant Taberna-Celtica.

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Church at the top.

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