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It is with regret I have to add this Statement received fro, ADAC Office. It means your will loose your ADAC Plus Cover next year as only German Citizens will be able to have this Service. The Ordinary cover they offer you only covers Germany so means you will have to look for a new UK based Organisation.  This is not due to Brexit as it is same for all Members Worldwide 

This is notice I got today from ADAC this morning,which I have translated below As you are an interested member of ADAC, the ADAC focuses its mobility services, in particular on its more than 21 million members based in Germany, in order to provide them with the best offers and services worldwide, against the background that the complexity of legal requirements is constantly increasing it has to be fulfilled in connection with residence abroad, we have decided to offer services in the rhythm of ADAC membership exclusively for members residing in Germany

Therefore we will change your ADAC plus membership (and possibly existing memberships of partners / children) from 01.02.21 to membership without plus benefits.

Nevertheless, you will continue to be protected under your classic ADAC membership, for which you will of course pay a correspondingly cheaper membership fee. The services associated with classic ADAC membership, such as breakdown assistance in Germany, legal advice, ADAC Tourset or the ADAC benefit program, remain the same for them

If your main residence is in Germany and does not correspond to the address given above, please let us know the address of your main residence in Germany,



There has been a lot of rumours regarding the cover of ADAC on Caravan Forums recently but none are True Members Cover is exactly the same as it always has been.

Price this year is still same we have just paid  103 Pounds for ADAC Partner Plus at to days exchange rate.

It was very sad to receive this Message below from ADAC to day 30th September 2017.   The New Terms will be updated on ADAC Website and Literature very soon.

 Hi Dianne,

Thank you for the phone call today ? and thanks again for your understanding.


Dear Members & interested Persons,


Unfortunately from the 1st of October 2017  the ADAC Mobile Club in Germany is not allowed to take out any new memberships for interested people with a residence outside from Germany.


For existing Members is it still possible to renew the existing breakdown cover insurance over the phone and stay as a member in ADAC Mobile Club.


Thank you for your understanding.


Amanda Moser-Wickles

Leiterin Geschäftsstelle & Reisebüro
ADAC Südbayern e. V., Paracelsusstraße 1, 93053 Regensburg
Tel: (0941) 5 56 73 Fax: (0941) 56 16 65

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The Regensburg Office is so busy they often have to transfer their calls to another office.

Not every Office can join UK Members or Renew Policies over the Telephone taking payment by Debit/Credit Card  like they do

 This is a Special Service that Regenburg Office provides for the UK only.  German Citizens are unable to pay by Cards.  

Anyone wanting to pay their Renewal should first email one of the following Ladies:-

leaving their Name and Telephone Number plus time you are available for one of them to phone you back to take Debit/Credit Card Details 

 I have the Handbook details in English should you want a copy email me at   Copy sent to you will be in German.

If you wish to telephone this office the number is  00 49 94 15 23 44 but it may be answered by Answer Phone or another Office.  If you get the Answer Phone leave your details after the message in German, and they will ring you back.




ADAC European and UK Breakdown Service at a realistic price for Caravanners.    In May 2012 they clocked up 18 million Members, they are the largest Breakdown Organization in Europe and second largest in the World AAA of USA being the largest.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Below picture taken a few years back in Germany.

One of the Fleet of Helicopters used in Rescue by  ADAC and Use apart from the one above.                                                                                  


The sizes of each vehicle are below:-  

Length.  Up to 10 metres.

Width.  Up to 2.55 metres.

Height.  Up to 3 metres .

Weight. Up to 3.5 tonnes.

The other thing is there is no Limit on Age of vehicle

Motor Homes:-

Length.  Up to 10 metres

Width .   Up to 2.55  metres

Height.   Up to 3.20  metres.

Weight.   Up to 7.5 tonnes. 



Abstract from ADAC Cover Booklet. 

 The vehicle can not go to design and furnishings for the carriage of persons not more than 9 seats (including 

of the space for the driver) and
- A total width of 2.55 m,
- A total length of 10 m,
- A height of 3 metres and
- A total permissible weight of 3.5 tons do not exceed.
The same goes for the accompanying trailer. All dimensions are including cargo. The trailer may have no more than one axle. Axles with a distance of less than 1 metre apart, are considered an axle.
4. In addition, motorhomes are insured up to
- A height of 3.20 m, including cargo and
- A maximum total weight of 7.5 tonnes
For mobile homes, which exceed the maximum 






Comments of other ADAC Members.

 October 10th 2011.  Yesterday I received an email from a member of this website who joined ADAC this year he gave details of experience he had in the UK.          

 I was on my way to Dover en route for Europe and stopped at a CL at Winchester for 2 nights.  As I pulled onto the site a chap approached me saying "Did you know you have a flat tyre on your van"  I didn't at this point.  So ADAC Book out, phoned Munich, English speaking lady on phone asked "give me your postcode", 45 minutes later AA arrived to sort it out.  One day to view the area,  lovely place Winchester.  Then off again the next day full of confidence in ADAC.


Below are a few comments I have received from different Forums over the last 2 years.  I will add more as I hear them.  First of all having had to call on ADAC this Holiday 2011 I can verify that it is excellent.  For more see Page Trip 8 2011 first page. 


1.  I have had ADAC for the last 13 years and used it once. Last year my local garage in the UK forgot to put oil in my transfer box when I actually got to Belgium near to Dinant the transfer box gave up.  After initial panic and language problems with the Belgium (ADAC and AA equivalent) we were recovered to a nice Campsite nearby with the car going to a local dealer for repair. We were able to claim back money from ADAC for the days spent at the Campsite plus travel to the garage etc.,  ADAC do have English  speakers just ask "sprecken sie English bitte".  I pay €79. 50 a year for ADAC Plus and it covers me here in the UK.  There are lots of benefits I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

2.  I am stationed in Germany and have been an ADAC Member for 5 years, I joined up when still in the UK and then found myself posted here.  There is no age restriction on vehicles with ADAC Membership.  I know that many UK organisations who only offer to repatriate vechicles up to the market value of the vehicle.                                                                                                                    This is one of the reasons why ADAC has become popular with Brits over recent years is its excellent service, spread by word of mouth in particular by members of the VW Camper Clubs who have spent many thousands in restoring their pride and joy, these classic campers from the 60's and 70's would not be recovered by UK motoring organisations simply because of their age.    ADAC have a large fleet of long distance vehicle transporters recovering Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailers and Motorbikes etc., from all over Europe and even parts of North Africa.  ADAC are in the top five of most respected companies here in Germany and with 17 million members they are certainly doing something right.

One big bonus with ADAC Plus membership is the provision of Worldwide air ambulance repatriation with full medical team all included in the membership fee bur please note that this does not include the cost of hospital in patient charges, it is just the aeromed back home that is covered.  This could be a cost effective solution to many who are finding it difficult to obtain any worldwide personal repatriation cover. 

3.  ADAC coverage applies for as long as you are away from home.  Trailers with no more than one axle are covered.  But don't worry if you have a twin axle caravan by German law a twin axle counts as a single axle as long as the center of the two axles is no more than one metre apart.

4.  Was talking to a colleague yesterday who had had a major "undercarriage" problems on his caravan in Italy last year, he said ADAC were excellent from the initial call through to the vans recovery back to Germany.    Interestingly today, I had stopped at an Autobahn Services and noticed a Caravan on an ADAC transporter, it had obviously been rear ended as well "wrapped up" to protect it from the elements, talking to the driver, who had picked it up in Denmark, he said that quite often he would recover solo caravans following accidents or major breakdown.

5. Another comment from UK Member is He was travelling through Italy had a major crisis when the towbar broke on my 3 week old van.  He was covered  by ADAC Plus Membership and said they were brilliant.

6.  I spoke to ADAC and Aeromed is the service of the ADAC and they would have no problems flying into a UK Airport if you are a UK based Member. Obviously a majority of their flights are back to Germany and on the rare occasion they have to fly a member to another destination they do use their own fleet of ADAC Ambulance Jets so they say there is no extra cost say flying from Spain into London or Spain to Berlin.  They say they will look after members wherever they are based.  This is very impressive. 


***If anyone would like a copy of the Full Cover of ADAC in English I will be happy to email them to you just contact me from this site and state your email address.   

**** This link of ADAC Cover, as mentioned at the beginning of this page, is very plain to read and is:-      When you have clicked on this link wait about half a minute and it should click over into the English Language.













UPDATED 02.02.2012.

Another query answer.

An owner of a Large Motor Home contacted ADAC  and this is the Question with Answer I received.

Question:-  I have to make sure, as being an only driver, the Motor Home is repatriated, should I be too unwell to drive the Motor Home myself.

Answer:-   The scenario my contact quoted  was if I was injured as a result of a Traffic Accident or a Skiing Accident and was unable to drive the Motor Home  My wife,  Motor Home and I would be repatriated to the UK, or separately, should I have to return under medical supervision.  The contact at ADAC was aware that the service they offer is so much more advanced than any other car insurance breakdown cover.    


UPDATED  20.01 2012.

Due to a query by a Member of a Forum I had call to ring ADAC Office and get clarification of the subject of limit of €200 for recovery of your vehicle when encountering a breakdown.  Below is the answer in plain English.

1.  If you breakdown by the roadside or anywhere and call ADAC they will send a mechanic to you.  If he cannot fix the problem he will, or arrange to get you transported to a Garage within 80 km (50 miles) radius.

2.  If the Garage has to get parts they will organise this. (You will pay for parts and labour fitting of same).

3.  If the parts are not obtainable and the vehicle cannot be repaired ADAC will repatriate you back to your Home.

4.  The above is all covered by your ADAC Plus or Partner Plus Policy.  You must have this level of Policy being a UK citizen.

5.  What is not covered is if there is not a garage within the 80 km (50 miles) radius you would have to pay the doe extra mileage over this figure. Personally I cannot believe this is likely to happen and there not be a garage within that limit


This German Club offers an excellent service for Car and Caravan if you should have the unfortunate experience of breaking down in this country or anywhere in Europe. 

When taking out Breakdown Cover you have to check so many things on the Policy especially if you are towing a Caravan.  I will write down on this page all the advantages of joining ADAC and what it covers. * FOR THE EXACT COVER THAT ADAC PARTNER/PLUS INCLUDES Click on the last Link on this page below.  It will come up in German but if you wait about half a minutes it will click itself and then come up in English.

Firstly the policy you have to take out is the Plus for one person or Partner Plus if you wish to cover yourself and Spouse or Partner living at one address.  This also covers Children and Pets.   The reason you need this Policy is because you are not resident in Germany. This Policy covers you if living in the UK or anywhere Worldwide.

The cost of this Service for 1 year is  Plus.                   €84 .00                                                                                                      Partner Plus.   €109.00.  

First of all it is you that is covered not your car this means your are covered by this Policy in any car you are driving at the time of breakdown or a passenger in anyone else's car irrespective of the age of the car. 

If your car breaks down in the UK you should ring this phone number toll free 0800-0289018 the AA  will come to your rescue, as they are partners of the ADAC in the UK.   This is also the same in other countries, excluding Germany, in all of Europe they have a partner in those countries eg. Austria OAMTC.  All the respective telephone numbers are given in your information pack, when joining ADAC.

It is very easy to join ADAC first of all if you would like documents in English contact me through Contact on this website.or go to their Website:-     Read up about what it covers (to see it in English download Google Toolbar, which has Translate on it and set it German to English and then when you click on any foreign website, after a few seconds it will come up in English).   


  You cannot pay through transfer from your Bank to theirs as German Banks will not take the UK Bank codes which have a different amount of digits.  If you ask the Bank to transfer it they will charge approx. £20. So by card is the best action.     I will list all the relevant telephone numbers I have at the end of this page.     

Listed below are some of the items covered by ADAC Partner Plus.  As I get to know more I will add them to the list.

1.  Breakdown Covers any car you are driving + your spouse/partner.  Car of any Age.

2.  Caravans and Trailers are covered while attached or unattached for any problem inc help with punctures and any part of the vehicle that fails, Single axle, a Twin axle is covered as long as axles are not more than a meter apart.  That the vehicle is no more than 2.55 meters wide, 10 meters long and 3 meters in height.  Permissonable weight of up to 3.5 ton. 

3.  The Partner Plus Package  for €98.70 offers the following coverage Worldwide, except where stated otherwise.

Repatriation in case of illnesses or injury, by ADAC Flying Doctor Service, if necessary.

Travel expenses up to €512 to visit a close relative who has to remain in hospital at least 2 weeks while on holiday.

Repatriation of Children.

Repatriation of Pets.

Return transport of vehicle if owner himself is unable to drive back.

Cash for emergencies up to €500, including return transport in case of death.

Costs for interpreter up to €160 (worldwide except for Germany)

Shipping cost for eyeglasses and medication (worldwide except for Germany)

Additional costs up to €2600  for unplanned return back home.

65 Euros per person per night for up to 3 nights additional hotel expenses incurred as a result of a medical emergency.

Assistance to recover or replace travel documents (up to €260)

Up to €103 expences for emergency transfer of funds.

Return transport of vehicle (valid only in Europe)

In case of breakdown, accident or theft of the member's car, car rental for the return journey home (up to €500) or up to 7 day's rental (up to €52 per day) while the repair is being carried out (Europe only).

Up to 3 nights hotel accommodation while the vehicle is being repaired, max € 65  per person per night (Europe only).

Breakdown assistance charges for up to €200  (Europe only).

Up to €200  towing and parking charges for a broken down vehicle.  Cost for recovery of vehicle are covered in full (Europe only).

Up to €120 for replacement of a lost or defective car key while on holiday (Europe only).

Shipping costs for spare parts (all Europe except Germany).

Any import duties payable if vehicle is scrapped and related scrapping charges (all Europe, except Germany)

Other points are:-

If Caravan breaks down you will  get service for it but not a rental caravan.

Covered full recovery of your car and caravan back to your home town if cannot be repaired in 3 days.

If you get recovery for your car they will pay for passengers repatriation by first class train tickets or economy air tickets. or rental for a car for 7 days.

If it is a relativly minor repair and does not need repatriation ADAC covers costs of up to 200 Euros to tow you to the nearest garage within 80 km (50 miles) radius of where you breakdown.

ADAC is a club and it's partners in the UK are the AA  and the RAC.

All contact numbers in Europe have English speaking staff.  These numbers are listed in the Members Manual or on Card. 

Fuel.  If filling the car up with fuel in Germany at a Shell Garage, show your ADAC Membership Card and you will receive a 2% Discount off Bill.  Every little helps.

UP DATED JUNE 2012.  If you should breakdown or have an accident with the car rendering it un-drivable, away from the caravan (ie on camp site. ) ADAC will provide you with a tow car to continue journey or for you to repatriate it back to the UK. On arrival at your home ADAC will sort out repatriation of the tow car to its Country of origin.

ANOTHER ISSUE. If you should breakdown on a French Motorway no Organization is allowed to tow you off except for the French Motorway Authorities.  Unfortunately they demand fee for this service which can be quite a high price.  The only way you can recoup your payment is to contact ADAC and they will re-in burse you.  I would think this would apply to any other UK Breakdown Insurer but not sure.  



Comments from a fellow member of his experience with ADAC in France this year 2014.

Comments made by a Member regarding Call out to Caravan on a site in Spain. 

I used ADAC in Spain when I had a puncture on the Caravan, they were excellent and very quick, the van was on a site too and not connected to the car!!  Apparently some people would have you believe only RP cover this scenario, simply not true.  

ADAC was called as I could not loosen the bolts on the wheel to remove it and take to the Garage for not for repair.


Comments from another member of this website in 2013.  Incident happened 2012.

I joined ADAC this year with Partner Plus Policy with mixed feelings because of unfavorable comments on certain Blogs and Forums.

However at Bertchesgaden in Bavaria, Germany my Suzuki Alto which I tow behind my Burstner Motor Home developed a problem.  I rang ADAC and within 30 minutes a recovery truck arrived.  The Operator looded and advised me it could not be repaired and informed ADAC Head Office, they then telephoned me to advise they would recover the vehicle back to the UK within two weeks.   This they did informing me  regularly, by phone, with updates of progress.  We were able to continue our holiday, minus car, for further 3 weeks. On arriving back in the UK the car arrived back before us.

Fantastic Service from ADAC will be renewing my Membership this year.  Fantastic value at 98.70 Euro's for a year.