Joys of European Caravanning


This Page contains a list of Caravan and Camping Organizations in the UK and Europe.  Cheap Out of Season Site Prices in Europe and the UK,   Two Cards which you must have when travelling abroad with your Caravan.  ACSI Camping Card, EHIC Card and Camping Key Europe Card is recommended from the Caravan and Motor Home Club or ACSI has an equivalent details on their website.


Index of Subjects.


1. ACSI Camping Card.

2. EHIC Health Card.

3. Camping Key Europe Card.




For Info on this Excellent Card which saves you £'s go here 

 If you go to you can see all the new sites for 2016 with dates of opening.  On first page click on date 2019 situated on the right hand side of page underneath picture of Camping Card.   

SPECIAL NOTICE:-   You can now order your ACSI Card and Book on-line from  Delivery -  December 2019.   You can order The ACSI  Club ID card for €4.95. on ACSI Webshop 

1. Direct from ACSI  Saving 23% Discount on Subscription for delivery every year, minimum 2   years) for  Members €14. 95 + €2 Postage Non Members E14. 95 + Postage.



2. From Vicarious Books £14. 50 + £2.  (E18.50 ) Postage 2nd class, £2.50 First Class.  

In the latest books and on line  you will note there are notifications which sites take the ACSI Camping Card ID on each camp site details. 


ACSI Eurocampings.

This is is the web address of the ACSI Main Site which has 8,600 Campsites, in 29 European Countris listed on it which are inspected every year by 326 Inspectors covering 200 amenities.  The organisation is Dutch with the head office at Zetten in the Netherlands and has been in existance for 45 years.   It was only 11 years ago that ACSI introduced the Camping Card giving Campers and Caravanners excellent discounts in off peak seasons.  Of course it was the Dutch who first took this up with other countries following but it is only now in recent years that more and more Brits are taking the card up.

Going back to the Main ACSI Site you can order on line.  This can also be ordered through Vicarious Books on line for   I find it most useful using the built in route planner which you can print out together with the map of your route with the campsites you have chosen on it the route gives you directs + mileage between the sites.  I do not buy one every year but every 2 or 3 years as it does not change a lot from year to year.  On the Website and Disc there is now a new page giving you Great Little Campsites being small and intimate with 30 or 40 pitches.

Card No 2.      European Health Insurance Card. (EHIC)


When travelling in Europe you will need this card if you are taken ill to show to Doctors or Hospitals to obtain reciprocal treatment in other EU countries.  

It is supplied  Free of Charge by applying on the following Website: -


You can also renew your old card, which was issued for 5 years, 6 months ahead on the same site.   


Card No. 3.  Camping Key Europe takes over Camping Card International.


This Card is really a must for Campers in all Countries of the World except for USA and Canada plus their territories.  Reason for getting this is as below.

1.  Holding the card entitles you to between 5% and 20% reduction on your Bill on participating sites, not including taxes and electricity.  These can be viewed by Country on their website.  Interestingly Sites in Countries that do not take ACSI give these discounts.

2. You and your travelling companions ( up to 11 persons) are covered for third party liability insurance, that maximum of 1.8 million can be claimed on campsite, hotel or apartment.

3. The card acts as Proof of Identity and you no longer have to leave your Passports at Book In at Receptions.

Website to go to for all info. on this is Here