Joys of European Caravanning


Useful Caravan /Motor Home Forum to join or visit.                                                                                                                                                           Caravanchat Forum.

Update. 23rd February 2016.


The Forum has just celebrated its first birthday and now has over 140 Members


If you wish to join a very Friendly and Informative Forum go  here                      

This Forum was formed in February this year, 2015 by Bugs, who asked me to join him.  The Forum already has 96 Members in October.   It is very busy and very friendly has very informative Sections for  New, Touring in the UK or Europe, Competitions and other Hobbies.  

In mid September we had our first Get Together Meet, it was arranged quite late but 7 Members signed up but due to illness and a car breakdown we only had 4 outfits.  David from Suffolk offered us use of his field next to his CL at Wildmere Farm at Holywell Row near to Mildenhall in Suffolk. But in the end we took over the CL instead and had an enjoyable time with nice weather except for rain on one day.  

Below are a few photo's of the Meet.  




Mini Meet.  Blackpool Belle ad Mr BB came to visit while visiting Suffolk in August.

First Meet September 2015.  

All the Outfits.

Mrs Gough, Bugs and Mrs,Gough. Toasting with Bubbly Blackpool Belle left us for the Main Meet.  Cheers.

Mr and Mrs Dickers and DianneT

Mr T after his accident slipping on some steps in a shop.