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This City is still in the Northern part of Bavaria in the region of Franconia, situated on the River Main and at the northern end of the Romantiche Strasse.

March 1945 this city was about 90% destroyed in 17 minutes by 225 British Lancaster Bombers.  30,000 civilians were killed in the raid.  All the buildings were restored after the war and it is difficult to tell that this actually happened.

The site we stopped at was very nice ACSI Camping Card No. 438 at Bettingen a few miles East of Wurzburg.  Name Camingpark Wertheim-Bettingen.  Very Rural on the River Main.  There are two fields the one shown below where we stopped the only problem, but not to us we enjoyed watching the activity afternoon and morning, of all the Dutch and an odd German outfits that decended on their way South.  They stop for one night and then off on their journey's before 9 am in the morning. So be warned get to this site before 4 pm for a good Pitch.




                     Site at 6 pm.               Transformed to this                  At 4 pm.                            


             Pictures of Wurzburg sorry they are very dark, lousy wet weather at the time. 




We hav now moved further South to Lower Bavaria close to the Austrian and Czech Republic Borders. 

This is a very lovely City situated on the confluence of three rivers the Inn, Danube and Ilz with a population of just over 50,000 pople 10,000 of which are students of the University of Passau.  Easy reasonabl parking by the River as you descend from th bridge to drive towards the town.   The town is very compact with cobble stoned, traffic free, streets lined with a good variety of shops, restaurants and cafe's. 

A few interesting features are:-

1. St. Stephen's Cathedral which houses the largest Cathedral Organ in the World with 17,000 pipes and 233 registers.

2.  Hitler and his family lived here between 1892-1894.

3.  There is a marker to denote the varous flood levels from 1501-2002.

4.  Many boats are moored on the Danube side of the city which do local trips on the river or Hotel boats going further afield like Vienna and Budapest.  One boat that took our eye as we wandered along the water front was the Kristalshiff.  This belongs to th Wurm and Kock Shipping Lin and does 3. 2 hourly trips a day, though the first trip at 10-30 am, which we decided on,is 15 minutes longer.  This is truly an experience especailly for the Ladies at is build incorporateing millions of Swarovski Crystals.  The other trips are from 13.00 hrs and 15.15 hrs.   The current cost per person in 2010 is 12.80 Euro's per person.  Coffee,, Tea and other drinks plus Pastries, Cakes and light snacks are available on board with waitress service.  What a treat.  The boat travels past the town and fort and the exact spots where the Ilz and the Inn join.  You can tell the Inn by the familiar pale blue colour of the water.

The site we stopped at was an ACSI Camping Card and I recommend that you arrive by 3 pm in the afternoon as later it is invaded by the Dutch on their way south and can get very crowded indeed.  We just sat and watched with interest of all the arrivals in the late afternoon, early evening.  There is a small restaurant on site which is very good and wifi can be connected to in the room outside of the Reception Desk.  Toilets and Showers were excellent as they usually are in Germany.  Site details are:-  Bavaria Kur-und Sport Camping ****  Eging on See which is within easy reach of Passau.   



                                                  On the Crystal Ship. 


                                              Views of Passau from the Boat


                 View down the Inn                                          Passau Town from River                     



              Rathaus from the River.                                      On Site at Eging.