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Switzerland is a lovely Country which we only visited this year 2010 with the Caravan for the first time.

The one problem we came across, only wanting to visit for one week, the Vignette for National Class 1 and 2 has to be bought one for car and one for caravan at 29 Euro's each which makes it very expensive as they only cover for 1 year.  Extra tolls have to be paid for the Grand St Bernard Tunnel and the Munt la Schera.

We also found this country very expensive to do the train and mountain trips so did not get to do any as was our intention.  For example:- Trip up the Jungfraujoch, if you leave at 6 a.m. is £100 per person and you need to know that it is going to be good clear weather else it would be a waste of time if you could not see the views.

We decided to visit the Austrian/German part of the Country as we were arriving from nearly 10 weeks in German speaking countries which we are more use to and understand.  As well as we like the Austrian/German way of life.   Approaching  from the Austrian Tyrol it was a shock to us that the land was so flat.  We travelled nearly 200 miles before we arrived in the Mountains at the end of Lake Thun.

The Caravan Site we stopped at was an ACSI Camping Card Site No 643 at 15 euro's and we thought it was excellent.  Stuhlegg**** at Krattigen situated quite high up overlooking Lake Thun though the road up was no problem with the 8 metre caravan.   The Owners were very friendly and helpful, WiFi was free at all pitches.  There were two blocks of Toilets and Showers, one inside down by the Office/Shop/Restaurant and the other outside up at the top of the site near to the fresh water swimming pool.  Both blocks were immaculate and very modern.  Luckily the weather was warm and being at the top of the site we were able to use the outside block.  One rule is that you cannot use any form of awning mat.  That is why all the grass on site is in perfect condition. The site was very popular and it was the first time on this holiday that we saw any Brits and there were 3 or 4 outfits there every night. 

Places to visit are Spiez, Thun, Interlaken, Mountains Passes to drive are Sustanpass, Furkapass and Grimsselpass.  It is interesting to visit Meirengen where the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Conan Doyle Place is situated in a deconsecrated English Church.  Also the Reichenback Falls are situated just outside Meirengen town which has just over 4,500 inhabitants.  Grindlewald is another town to visit in the Ski area.




                                          Two Shots of Camping-Stuhlegg, Krattigen.


                        Main Street in Brienz.                                            Waterfront at Spiez.


                   View over Lake Thun.                                        Aeshi Village near to Site.


                   Meringues in Meirengen.                                  Reichenbach Falls. 


                                                                 Conan Doyle


                                                  Views over the Three Passes.




I hope you have enjoyed this small account of our one week in Switzerland and given you an idea of what it is like.  We enjoyed it very much but did find it the most expensive Country we have visited with the caravan.