Joys of European Caravanning



These route's are only suggestions and the ones we use when travelling in Europe with the Caravan.  They are not necessarily the shortest or fastest but usually the most Scenic with interesting places to visit en-route which are suitable for a large 8 mt. twin axle caravan.  We would probably venture onto different roads if, Solo touring in Europe due to some Roads and Pass's not being suitable, for towing a Caravan.   When we tour in Europe we like to do it, at our leisure, so we can see anything interesting in different areas of a Country.  We try not to do journey's of more than 200 mile's in between campsites in a day, and stopping for breaks en-route so it is not so tiring.


Is one I am asked for time and time again going South to Austria, Italy or Croatia.

I will start with the route we take every year to Southern Austria and then give variations for the other countries.  As we always travel from the UK by Euro Tunnel the journey always starts at Calais.



Leaving Calais travel due East to Dunkerque on the E40-A16 then onwards to the A10.

Turning South East onto the E40-A10 proceed towards Brussels and it's Ring Road after this keep to the E40 which now becomes the E40-A3.  Proceed on this road direction Liege.   Past Liege  Right Turn South on the E421-A27 towards Verviers and then onwards to the Germany Border past St Vith.  Turn right onto B51 to Bitburg and then B 50 towards Vianden.  Oberweis is on this road not many miles ahead  

We stop at our first Campsite near to Bitburg in the Village of Oberweis for 2 or 3 nights at Prumtal Camping*****.  ACSI Camping Card Site No. 638 in the Book for 2012 Page 279.  Excellent site with very friendly and helpful staff.  Five star Restaurant with excellent food and service at very reasonable prices. Two Menu's, in English by request, one for German specialities and the other Italian. This Site is approx. 268 miles from Calais, 68 miles further than the rest of the journey's in between campsites.

Leaving Oberweis drive towards Bitburg turning North on the 51 towards E42 and Wittlich then right onto the E44 down towards Trier and then South East onto the E422.  Leaving the E422 past Nonnweiler turn East onto the 62 towards Lahnstuhl.  Before Lahnstuhl go East onto the E50-A6 Kaiserslautern and on towards Ludwigshafen, turning South on the 61 to the Interchange  turning South West onto 65 down past Landau and Karlsruhe.  Onto the 8 towards Pforzheim and Stuttgart.

Past Stuttgart  just off the 8 is the second campsite at Hohenstadt, Camping Waldpark  Site No. 674. Page 291 in 2012 ACSI CC Book.  Good site for 1 or 2 nights.  Nice friendly and helpful owner.  Good facilities and Italian Restaurant on site. 

Continuing on from here back onto the 8 towards Munich past Ulm and Augsburg.  Take the ring road around Munich onto the E45-8 to E52-8 and then Exit 112 South East to Bad Reichenhall and then off right to Bishofswiesen on the road to Berchtesgaden.  Camping Winkl-Landthal**** Site No. 702 Page 301 of the ACSI CC Book.  Owner is a little brusk but have been here 4 times and it has good clean Facilities within an excellent area to visit World War 2 Eagles Nest and the Obersalzburg. 30 minutes into Austria to visit Salzburg and get cheaper Fuel for the car.  (See page Germany info. for more info of Places of Interest in the area and worth a visit.)  3 or 4 nights here and you will see a wealth of places.

If you want to go just a little bit further down the A10 past Salzburg just off the Autobahn you will see on your right Werfen Castle standing high on the mountain.  If you then take the next turn off to Werfen and then to Pfarrwerfen their is a wonderful site ACSI Inspected but not Camping Card but same price as Card.  Camping Vierthaler website    The Owners are wonderful helpful and friendly folks and from here you can visit Salzburg, Wolfgangsee, in Austria and Berchtesgaden in Germany.  This site is of course after the Border crossing as below. 

Continuing your journey South go back to the main Motorway 8 and stop at the Germany/Austria Border Post to buy your vignette. See page Toll-Tickets for details of this.  Make for the E55-A10, I think one of the most scenic motorways in Europe, proceed down to the Tauern Tunnel.  If you have time stop at the Services there for coffee/meal/snack.  Newly opened last year it is wonderful. (Pictures and details on last years, 2011 Trip. on way home).  Through the Tunnel and keep on the same road to the Katschberg Tunnel. One charge covers both Tunnels. Keep on the E55-A10 past Spittal an der Drau towards Villach.

If you want a scenic excellent 5* site for a night or two leave the Motorway by the sign to Ossiachersee.  Make your way along the north side of the See towards Feldkirchen turning right at the end of the See signpost to Alt Ossiach and turn right again at the end of the road to Alt Ossiach.  First  Campsite on the right is a good family run campsite details in the ACSI Camping Card Book. Bread rolls etc fresh daily.

If you are going onto Slovenia or Croatia make your way back to the A10 and take the A11 road to the Karawanken Tunnel.  If you wish to go onto Italy and Venice from here take the road A2 towards Tarvisio.

For travelling on to Southern Czech Republic. Vienna, Slovakia and Hungary go from the border Germany/Austria, get your vignette and turn off onto the E60-A1 towards Linz.


Detailed Route from Calais to Garda with recommended Campsites and Interesting Places to visit with Linnks.




 We take the Tunnel train at 3.30 am and the journey to Prumtal Camping Oberweis near to Bitburg our first stop is 275 miles so on top of the journey for us to the Tunnel is quite a long way but being the start of the holiday we are always anxious to get into Germany and one of our favourite campsites on the first day.  We usually set 200 miles or less as our target in a day.


Coming home the same journey is arduous from Prumtal Camping to Le Bien Assise at Guines where we stop 1/2 nights as handy for the Tunnel so this past June I sussed out a good site on the Brussels Ring Road for a 1 night stop.  If we left the UK later in the day we would be inclined to stop there going down too.  For visiting Brussels it is very handy too.


Prumtal Camping is a 5* ACSI Campsite good for 3/4 nights stay,  and probably the best Campsite you will ever stop at.  It is run by the very Friendly Kohler Family and all the staff are helpful and friendly too.  This site on the big field of over 70 serviced pitches has one of the best toilet, shower, laundry facilities we have ever used, having been re- built .  The Block used by the smaller field near entrance is very good too. A credit card type card is given to each person in the party for Gate entrance and Toilet blocks.


There is an excellent Swimming Pool available FOC to visitors. The Kohler Stuben is an excellent 5* Restaurant at 3* prices.  Staff very friendly especially the Head Waiter Kalle and his number 2 Steve.


From this campsite you can visit Luxembourg for a day trip or just nip down to Vianden for cheap duty free Fuel, just 25 minutes away (14 miles)  Driving to Vianden and then on to Ectanacht makes a nice trip.

Just before the border there is an excellent shop on the left in village of Geichlingen to stop and browse in.  If you buy something you can use the Cafe for a free coffee/tea and cake.


All Garage and Service areas have same price on Fuel so no need to shop around.


 A wonderful day trip is to Bernkastel-Kues on the lovely Moselle River which is just 39 miles away a wonderful old German Town.

Park on carpark on river front and walk into the beautiful town.  Lovely place to eat is in Schwannenstrasse or there is a lovely  Conditorei  (Cafe) on the main square called Cafe Hansen  If visiting on a Tuesday the Moselblumchen is closed but the Italian Restaurant next door to Cafe Hansen is good too tried first time in 2016.

From Bernkastel you can then travel down the Moselle to the oldest city in Germany, Trier.   Parking is good in the city centre and at the moment is not on the Umweltplakette  City/Town List more here on this


There are all the Sights/Stores and Shops you will need in this beautiful old city.  Trier is just 23 miles from Oberweis so with the lovely 34 miles trip along to Trier following the Moselle through lovely wine producing towns makes a lovely days outing, or if staying at Prumtal longer a seperate trip to Trier is good too.


Bitburg, nearby is a good place to shop either in the town centre or the area just off the main B51 road leading down to Trier.


From Oberweis to next site of Camping Wa;dpark at Hohensdtadt situated just off the main A8 Autobahn,  between Stuttgart and Munich.    We and most folks use this site for a 1 night stop en route to Austria once in 2010 we did stop 3 nights and visited Ulm and Blaubauren which you can read about in the info on that years trip on my website when it was our third stop after staying on the Rhine on the way down too.


From Hohenstadt you then take the road to Wertach to ACSI Site of Waldesruh which we have not stayed at but near to Gruntensee Camping International which in was then in 2011 an ACSI CC site but or less it rejoins for 2017 is not in the scheme now.

This Campsite is so handy for visiting the famous Neuschwanstein Castle



The other places to visit in the area are The Zugspitze the mountain which divides  Germany from Austria and the lovely ski town of Garmisch Partenkirchen  from where you can board the Train/Lifts up to the top of the Zugspitze .


Fussen is  a lovely place, nearest small town to the Neuschwanstein Castle   This town lays on the southern end of the famous Romantichestrasse    You could travel down part of this road if you go further along the A8 to Augsburg and join it going south there.  The route we took was past Ulm down to Kempten and then to Wertach.


Before leaving Germany be sure to go to a Garage/Service Area/ADAC Office and purchase your Austrian Vignette.   Here is a good website to read before going into Austria which gives Vignette prices but they could increase in 2017.


The next stop is Innsbruck and the wonderful campsite of Ferienparadies Natterer See  ACSI CC taken out of season the site is situated close to the entrance to the Brenner Motorway you will take to Italy and Lake Garda.  The Toll for the Motorway is €9


Innsbruck is a wonderful city to visit especially the old town.   and there are many places to visit around.  One I can recommend is the Swarovski Factory at Wattens not far away.


The journeys end Lake Garda blog on Italian Autostrada/Toll Roads.


The campsite we have used twice and recommend is Camping San Francesco at Desenzano on the southern end of Garda and good situation to visit Verona or Venice by Train or Car.  they do take the ACSI CC


A days drive around the Lake is excellent and visits the quaint water front towns situated around the lake.  Catching a boat up to the northern end to the town of Riva is a lovely way to spend a day and gives you an insight into which towns you would like to spend time in on your car trip around later.


This being the end of the trip you can return via the same route 


If you wish to return home by a different Route read on.

Second Option return by Venice, Karnten, (Carinthia, Southern Austria) Salzburg A8 through Germany back up to Hohenstadt.

Route from Folkestone (GB-......) to La Bien Assise (Guines)
3268.3 km (39 Hours, 3 Minutes)



Time &




Folkestone (GB-......)

0.0 km

15.2 km



Coquelles (F-62231)

15.2 km

206.3 km



Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen)

221.6 km

235.0 km



Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis)

456.6 km

368.3 km



Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt (Hohenstadt)

824.9 km

149.1 km



Waldesruh (Wertach)

974.0 km

140.9 km



Ferienparadies Natterer See (Natters)

1114.9 km

270.7 km



Camping Village San Francesco (Desenzano del Garda)

1385.6 km

196.3 km



Spina Camping Village (Lido di Spina)

1581.9 km

371.4 km



Kalkgruber (Ossiach)

1953.3 km

151.1 km



Vierthaler (Pfarrwerfen)

2104.4 km

349.4 km



Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt (Hohenstadt)

2453.8 km

367.1 km



Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis)

2820.8 km

235.5 km



Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen)

3056.3 km

212.0 km



La Bien Assise (Guines)

3268.3 km

0.0 km

From the centre of Calais follow D127 towards Guines. Follow the signs through the centre of Guines. Campsite located on the D231. From St. Omer take N43 to Ardres. Next, take D231 past Guines. Follow signs to campsite.



The journey to Venice and site is approx. 130 miles. I have stopped at this site but only one night as due to thunder storm and humid weather there were clouds of Mosquito's so being allergic to them wanted to move up to Austria.


There is such a lot to see in this area but I cannot help due to our short stay.


The next move is on and up to Southern Austria not forgetting your Vignette at the Border.  At the border you will follow signs for Villach and Salzburg.  Outside of Villach you follow signs to the Ossiachersee.  This See is quite large being the third largest in the Karnten area 10.7875 km long and max width of 1,540 m. You can drive around the See or explore it by Boat that runs in season.


At the Eastern end of the See on the Southern side in Alt Ossiach you will find ACSI CC Camping Kalkgruber, though not right on the See front it is a smashing small site run by a lovely lady.  http://www.camping-kalkgruber   though I have not stopped at this campsite myself have visited it twice in 2016 to visit friends due to leaving the caravan at Camping Vierthaler and visiting friends near here in the Mountains.  We stopped at the next door campsite which was sold and pulled down in 2015 for the past 12 years.  Recommended it to our friends of which both couples loved it.

In this area there is the lovely little town of Feldkirchen for major shopping with ample free parking.  There are many places to visit and explore including.

The next big lake of the Worthersee is few miles SE 19.39 km long by 16.5 km wide can be a nice ride around or explore by boat.   The major capital town is Klagenfurt which lays at the east end of this See.


There are a number of Passes that you can explore by car too. the later is reached from the main A10 Autobahn through the Gmund where you can find and visit the Porche Museum  on the left of the road along the valley to drive the pass is the original building that housed the first Porche Factory.


If you are adventuresome, like we are. you can visit Slovenia and Lake Bled in an hour through the Karawanken Tunnel near to Villach if you keep off the main autobahn on the otherside you do not need a Slovenian vignette to get to Bled and onto the ski area town of Kranjska Gora

You can also visit the lovely town and area of Tavisio in Italy just over 35 miles away.


Villach is a large city with an lovely old centre plus a large indoor shopping centre


For more info on this area go to


From here follow the A10 towards Salzburg and take the turn off to Pfarrwerfen or Werfen  to the lovely secluded campsite of  The owners are a lovely helpful couple who's family have had this site for 60 years odd.   The site does not take ACSI CC but is ACSI approved.  They charge a reasonable fee of €21 which includes Electric.  The site is well kept and has wonderful views of the Mountains and though so near the A10 Autobahn you cannot hear it.   The Salz river runs by and a railway on the other side of that but honestly that did not bother us.


From this campsite you can visit Wolfgangsee a nice ride over the other side of the A10.  Berchtesgaden is 33 miles away along the valley on the road 159 as is Salzburg the later can be reached by the A10 too.  

Nearer to Pffarwerfen  in the next village is the wonderful, famous Hohenwerfen Schloss used in the film "Where Eagles Dare"   Worth going up in the lift and touring the building


For shopping visit Bishofshofen a drive through this small town and through the Pongau area and the Hochkonig pass is worth doing.


After a taste of this beautiful area and Country of Austria I am sure you will want to return as there is so much more to see.  The Austrian Folk are so friendly and helpful and love to speak English so no problems there.


Now the next stop is Walpark at Hohenstadt and on the way en route for Oberweis, Belgium and Calais, you will pass the large See on your right of Chiemsee, largest body of water in Bavaria                                     


When you leave Grimbergen the next and last stop is La Bien Assise  ACSI Camping Card taken and excellent  and safe for last stop as only 15 minutes to the Tunnel and not a lot further to the Port.  One word of warning do book this a couple of weeks ahead as very busy even out of season .








FOLLOW ROUTE 1 as the Hohenstadt Campsite. Then when you get onto the Autobahn 8 turn South at New Ulm Autobahn 7- E43 towards Memmingen then becoming E532 towards Kempten.  Past Kempten we went off the Motorway onto the minor road at Junction 137 and made for Camping Gruntensee International at Wertach.  very nice  site.    Free wifi here but did not reach the pitch, but excellent room near to the office with about 6 wifi and mains points at desks.  You can plug your laptop in here for free but you have to pay a fee to use their Desk top and Printer.  This is an excellent site to stop at to visit Fussen and the fabulous fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle.

Leaving here take the road E 532 to Fussen and over the German/Austrian Border on the 179.  Get your Vignette at a garage before reaching the A12 Motorway.  From here proceed to Lemoos and the Fernpass.  Over the years this pass has been improved for passage of cars towing caravans.  Past Nassereith after the Pass you can turn left on the 189 to Motz and then left down to entrance 113 on the A12 or tun right past Nassereith onto the 189 to Tarrenz and Imst and join the A12 further West at Entrance 132.  Once on the A12-E60 proceed to Inwards Innsbruck.  From this Autobahn,  half way round Innsbruck turn South on to the A13 which leads onto the Brenner Motorway and follow the signs to Mutters for the Campsite Ferienparadis Natterer See***** ACSI Camping Card Site with excellent views and services.

When you leave here you can get right onto the Brenner Autobahn A13 leading to the Austrian?Italian Border which the road then becomes the A12-E45.  Keeping on this road it will take you right down the East side of the mountains  along side Lake Garda.  You can then take the top road to Northern Garda or the bottom road to the Southern end of Garda .  We have stopped at La Palme Campsite at Lazise once and twice at San Francesco at Desenzano.  Neither are Camping Card sites but San Francesco takes Camping Cheques.  There are quite a few ACSI Camping Card sites on Garda in the 2012 Book.

I will leave you to choose where you want to go next,  Italy is a lovely country and some wonderful places to see and visit.  See Italy Info page for more details of these plus some good campsites to stop at. 


A TASTE OF GERMANY.                                                                                  A suggested Trip, Route with Campsites for First Timers to Germany.

I would suggest you would need at least 4 weeks for this Taste of Germany.  All the Campsites are reviewed in Germany Sites Reviews section of this website most are ACSI Camping Card out of season.  

If travelling in 2017 between Mid April and Mid November you will not be able to travel through the Arlberg Tunnel which is just before the Inner Braz site you need to look at the website    

ASFINAG have not published the dates for 2017 yet but these are the details used in 2015 and will undoubtedly be the same in 2017.                                            

In view of this we took the route over the Arlberg pass in 2015, but never again. It was a very hot day over 30 deg.C and climbing the steepest part, before the top, we crept up on a Lorry hardly moving, no way to overtake so had to follow in first gear.  Result our engine got very very hot and we had to stop on the only rough lay by there was at that height which was so lucky.  Another time we would take the alternative route to the Bodensee and miss out Innerbraz.                                                                                                                    

Any questions please ask will be glad to help.


 Below is the Route:-

 Route from Folkestone (GB-......) to Coquelles (F-62231)

2478.0 km (29 Hours, 45 Minutes)

Instruction Direction Time &
Folkestone (GB-......) 0:00
0.0 km
15.2 km
Coquelles (F-62231) 1:44
15.2 km
206.3 km
Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen) 3:48
221.6 km
235.0 km
Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis) 6:19
456.6 km
368.3 km
Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt (Hohenstadt) 10:39
824.9 km
309.6 km
Winkl-Landthal (Bischofswiesen) 13:55
1134.5 km
188.4 km
Ferienparadies Natterer See (Natters) 15:58
1322.8 km
130.1 km
Walch's Camping & Landhaus (Innerbraz (Klostertal)) 17:31
1452.9 km
117.8 km
Gern-Campinghof Salem (Salem/Neufrach) 19:01
1570.8 km
126.6 km
Trendcamping Wolfach (Wolfach/Halbmeil) 20:41
1697.3 km
321.0 km
Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis) 24:45
2018.4 km
235.5 km
Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen) 27:17
2253.8 km
212.0 km
La Bien Assise (Guines) 29:30
2465.8 km
12.1 km
Coquelles (F-62231) 29:45
2478.0 km
0.0 km


Route No.3.  To travel to either Innsbruck or Salzburg visiting the lovely Black Forest en-route from Oberweis.

From Oberweis travel towards Bitburg and then follow the same road as Route 1 to A6 then you can go underneath to Pirmasens, Annweiler and Landau  (This is a shorter route than in route no. 1. but you need to check the road situation as a lot of new road being installed over the years and some hold ups can be encountered). At Lindau get onto A65 the road to Karlsruhe and then A5-E35-E52 south towards Baden Baden and Offenburg.  Take the road off to Offenburg continuing onto Gengenbach, Biberach, Haslach, Hausach and onto Wolfach. From Wolfach take the minor road northwards to Schpback and Bad Rippoldsau where you will find a wonderful 5 star site of Camping Alisehof. ACSI Camping Card. One block of toilets and showers will probably be some of the best you will ever see.  The owners Familie Bonath are so friendly and helpful.  Have no hesitation in recommending this Campsite.   If you go to this site it is situated in the middle of the Black Forest in a rural position.  One place not to be missed is the Museum of Black Forest Farmhouses at Gutach nearby. Wolfach is a lovely small old town nearby and the large town of Freudenstadt (Friendly Town) is worth a visit.

After your stay here you make for Rottweil tuning onto the Austobahn E41 towards Geisingen and Singen.  Just before Singen turn East towards Stockach which lies on the northern end of the Bodensee.  Follow the road along the See to Friedrichshafen (home of the Zeppelin)  Museum here can be visited  www/   From here travel to Lindau,  Over the Border into Austria and buy your Vignette at the Border Post. Bregenz join the A14 to Bludenz S16 to Arlberg Tunnel (see for price) and then on the A12 continuing on to Innsbruck, onto the Brenner to Italy or joining the E52-8 further on for Salzburg.  

I have tried to put the correct road numbers onto these routes but my advice is to follow the map or enter the places onto you Sat. Nav for confirmation I may have made a mistake or road number has been changed.  Some Sat Navs try to take you along the Southern shore of the Bodensee which is actually in Switzerland.  This is not a good idea you will have to spend £50 to £60 pounds for Vignette, for car and caravan.  


A TASTE OF GERMANY AND AUSTRIA.                                        Alternative Route including Southern Austria.

Route from Folkestone (GB-......) to Coquelles (F-62231)
2845.0 km (33 Hours, 24 Minutes)

Instruction Direction Time &
Folkestone (GB-......) 0:00
0.0 km
15.2 km
Coquelles (F-62231) 1:44
15.2 km
206.3 km
Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen) 3:48
221.6 km
235.0 km
Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis) 6:19
456.6 km
368.3 km
Camping Waldpark Hohenstadt (Hohenstadt) 10:39
824.9 km
345.5 km
Vierthaler (Pfarrwerfen) 14:07
1170.3 km
150.9 km
Kalkgruber (Ossiach) 15:49
1321.3 km
325.8 km
Camping Seehof (Kramsach (Reintalersee)) 19:14
1647.1 km
172.9 km
Walch's Camping & Landhaus (Innerbraz (Klostertal)) 21:10
1820.0 km
117.8 km
Gern-Campinghof Salem (Salem/Neufrach) 22:41
1937.8 km
126.6 km
Trendcamping Wolfach (Wolfach/Halbmeil) 24:20
2064.4 km
321.0 km
Prümtal-Camping Oberweis (Oberweis) 28:25
2385.4 km
235.5 km
Camping Grimbergen (Grimbergen) 30:56
2620.9 km
212.0 km
La Bien Assise (Guines) 33:09
2832.9 km
12.1 km
Coquelles (F-62231) 33:24
2845.0 km
0.0 km