Joys of European Caravanning


New Campsite in Serbia.  12th August, 2019.

BeoVip Camping situated on the outskirts of Belgrade.

I have today had notification of this new Campsite near to Belgrade in Serbia.  It looks to be a wonderful modern Campsite.

Go to this Website

Rules in Europe for use of Dash Cams /news/2018/08/using-your-dash-cam-abroad/

Map of Vets in Europe for all Caravanners and Motor Homers Travelling in Europe.


If anyone is interested in visiting Croatia this is a fellow Caravaners website which has interesting advice on it for Route and Camp sites.  Hope you enjoy.  Link here 



If you are interested in joining a nice new, friendly Caravan Forum go Here to  This Forum only went on line 21st February 2015 and already has quite a few Members




If you have booked a Ferry Crossing you do not need to supply the Passport information Form as the Tunnel. The information will be collected at the Port when you check-in.

This will obviously lead to long queues so you would be advised to arrive in plenty of time for your crossing.








Here is a website for Info on the Changes.

Video    Of New System Dartford Crossing 2015. 






Details of our findings for UK Television in Europe now after the smaller footprint.   We managed to get all SKY, BBC ITV English Speaking on Sky Plus HD  Box at Bitburg but past there, nothing OK when we called back here on way home.  Could not get a peep out of it anywhere else,  We were lucky to get Sky News, CNN, True Movies 1 and 2 and a few more programs in English with our Easy Find Digital Satellite Receiver SL30/12 and the 80 cms Satellite Dish.  Luckily we could get Orf 1 and 2 Austrian TV on our Caravan Aerial so could watch Formula 1.                                                                                                                               

Trip 11 With the Caravan this time.

We have made the decision, not to sell the caravan, and visit Europe once more. Details of this will be under 11th Trip Europe 2014.




It has been brought to my notice that a British Couple have set  up a CL Type Campsite in Hungary  just a few miles, 30 minutes, South or Lake Balaton.   Here is a link to their Wesbsite.   This Couple have recently moved from the UK and understand they are the first English people to open a Campsite in Western Hungary. 

I would be very much obliged if and when anyone visits this Campsite they could send me a review that I can post on this Website.

Thank you Dianne     




The Caravan before the cover put on Autumn 2013.




25th July 2013.

Today 25th July 2013 after 7 months , a long wait,  the caravan was picked up and taken to have its new front axle fitted.  The loading took 1. 3/4 hours and as you see by the picture there was a lot of overhang.  Had the caravan been 2" wider it would have been too wide for the ramp of the transporter.

I can now understand more why UK Breakdown Organizations will not insure the wider longer vans.   So unsuitable sized low loaders in the UK.   Pleased we are with ADAC when travelling in Europe where the transporters are able to move a caravan such as ours when it cannot be towed.  Below is a photo.

Cause of this replacement of front axle was due to last year hitting something on the Motorway which caused a blowout thus putting the tracking out causing wear of tyres which we did not notice till putting the van to bed in December. So all Spring and Summer without a Caravan.                     

2013/2014 Up Date.

Well it is time to plan next years 2014 European Tour and the good news is it will be WITH the CARAVAN unlike last year.  The Caravan is looking good with its new axle all fitted and even though it has not been used since August 2012.  At the moment all under its winter coat.  


                                                                                                                                   Route over the Fernpass in Austria. 

It has officially been verified by OAMTC the Austrian equivalent of AA or ADAC. that the route over the Fernpass is now passable by Cars with Caravans due to vast improvements. 

Link to a blog written by a Motorhomer who is doing a trip through Europe.

Late News and Info                                                                                                          Archie's up to date website for 2014. 


18th February.  Archie has published on line up to date 2015 POI's for more than 30,00 camp site's in Britain and Europe.  Free downloads are available.

Website:  Here






January 2012.

I have the chance of buying a number of these "Stick On" Maps of Europe.  If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these the price will be considerably cheaper than buying from Europe, but as yet, till I get some interest, I cannot go further and give a price on these.  



October 8th .2011.

Even though this area will mourn the loss of M&M Leisure we have one new business's opened in the immediate area to cover all our caravan maintenance.  This business is owned by previous experienced employee of M&M. 

 Paul Darkin, who has serviced and repaired caravans at M&M  Leisure for the past 28 years and worked for CI Caravans of Newmarket for 12 years before that, has set up a Mobile Caravan Service.  We have always had our caravans serviced and repaired by him at M&M and found the work to be well and expertly done.  We will have no qualms in employing him to do any neccessary work on our caravan in the future. 

Pauls contact details are:-  Telephone numbers:-01638 717239 or Mobile 07530462604. Email:-      



7th September 2011.   It is with great sadness that I have to announce the closure of our local Caravan Dealers M&M Leisure (Mildenhall) Ltd. July 2011 on 16th September due to Dean's health.  We wish Dean and Suzanne a happy retirement and to say a big thank you for all you have done for us in the past.  We will miss you. 

Have added more info on the ADAC site of phone number and email address where you can get information, join and pay subscriptions with English speaking staff.

For useful info on price of Fuel in Europe go to