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Tolls, Vignettes, Emmision Stickers and Fuel Prices, Europe.





As you might know, certain European countries charge to use the roads by buying a sticker for your windscreen named vignettes ie Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland. You only buy one for the car which also covers the caravan.  In Switzerland you have to pay a fee twice, one for each, car and caravan.  These vignettes are obtainable at Border posts and Garages in the various countries.  Other countries such as Spain, Italy, France and others in Europe have Tolls paid at Toll Booths on the motorways. See more info on the excellent website  Prices are listed and can be bought on line if required.If you click on Europe in this website you can see the full list of countries and what sort of toll they take.                            



Useful Web Site's for this Country for Car or Motor Home are:-

 here  for all-stickers-and-rates  



This also gives details of the Go Box for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. For Go Box too. here









Germany does not have road tolls but does have Emission stickers named Umwelt Plakettes this applies to the car for it's entire life and is a one off payment.  This Plakette is only required for some Cities and large Towns but every year more places are added.  You can check on the website which places are already in the scheme.  Go to website  If you do not have a Plakette you can always park outside a city and Park + Ride.

The other method, where we got ours from is to buy this Plakette on the website  tick the English Flag and you have to send a scanned copy of your registration document and this form with payment by Credit Card), which is on the website by email you will receive the sticker by post in 4 days or so. Buying it on the tollticket website you have to get a form certified at a garage in Germany before you can get the actual Plakette for your car.    

For more information look at these sites given to me by someone in Germany  


Fuel Prices.


These are two useful websites to find the up to date prices of Fuel in Europe  and other excellent info.