Joys of European Caravanning


Useful Accessories for Touring.



Canopy and Awnings.                                                                                              

Map of Europe.                                                                                                       

Satellite TV.                                                                                                               

ACSI DVD of Campsites in Europe/and Low Season Camping Card.        

Fiamma Security Locking Handle.


Motor Mover. 



This is a useful accessory for us which we had made by a local firm in Newmarket.  The Canopy is made of the self same fabric and colours of our Dorema Large Porch Awning.  It is versatile as it can be fitted to the caravan awning rail itself and is secured with 3 poles and guy ropes with a Storm Strap accross the front.  It stands up to all wind and rain.  If we want then we can erect the Porch as normal and fit the canopy to the front poles of the Porch.  Again secured with 3 poles, guys and storm straps at the front it mades a use ful addition to the Porch.  We used it all the time for 3 months this Spring/Summer in Europe and it was excellent stood all types of wind and weather.  Dorema do make one of these themselves but only for smaller Awnings than ours.  Two Photo's below:-



                                                       New Suncanopy on its own.


                                                       Another view of Canopy.


                                                Awning with Canopy fitted on to it. 

Map of Europe.


Self Adhesive Map.   We found this is a Caravan Center in Germany 4 years ago and thought it would be a nice momento of all the Countries in Europe we have visited with the Caravan.  Of course you have to have quite a large blank space on your Van or Motorhome to stick it on to.  Once the Map is on you just add a country out of the packet when you have visited it.  We have done quite well in 7 years and hope to add more in 2011.  God willing.


Anyone wanting to buy one of these maps you can get one if interested contact me.


                                Map which is a nice Momento of Countries Visited in Europe.

Satellite TV


When you are travelling in Europe for a good length of time it is nice to have "Home News"  and TV in the darker evenings and wet days.  We take our Sky Plus box and card together with our Caravan LCD TV an 80 cms Dish and Portable Tripod.  We have used and got good reception in all Countries covered on this website.  We even get our local news on BBC 1 Look East as far south as Northern Austria.  Just make sure you take the card matched with your box that you take to be sure of getting a picture on Sky.  My husband uses a satellite finder and also has a compass in the van which helps no end.  It is best to take plenty of cable in case you have to avoid trees and buildings with the dish and of course if you have Sky Plus you will need the twin LMB fitted to the dish. 

A very good website to help with this is 

Photo with Satellite Dish on in Germany.

ACSI DVD for Europe/Camping Card.


This is an excellent DVD for anyone venturing into Europe over 8,600 sites to choose from in 29 Countries and is obtainable at at 13. 95 Euro's or for £11.99p.

The ACSI Camping Card which you can get up to 50% discount on sites 2,109 in all,  during the low seasons.

Security Handle and Door Lock.


We would not be without this device made by Fiamma and sold at most Caravan Accessory Shops.  It comes in 2 sizes 31 and 46 cms.  It is locked with a key and though it is good security, when you are away from the caravan and stops the door accidently flying open in transit, it is excellent as a handle when entering or exiting the Caravan or Motorhome when door is open.  We have found it most useful and my husband found it very easy to fit.

Of course, it is a must in this Country and some Countries in Europe,  you need to use wheel, hitch and steady locks of which there are a good variety to choose from in the Caravan Accessory Shops.


I was lucky enough to have a Kindle for my last birthday in February and taking it to Europe in April found it most useful.  No lugging 7/8 heavy books about just loaded them onto the Kindle before I went and then downloaded more by wifi while away.  I did not bother with the 3G model as nearly all sites in Europe have wifi now.

Motor Mover.

Motor Movers are excellent especially for larger vans and the older generation of us.  We have a Truma TE which is for a Twin Axle Caravan,  The SE is for Single Axle.  Since we had ours fitted 6 years ago there are newer models now on the Market.  Most Caravan Dealers sell and fit them for you.  Truma well (Carver) were the original manufacturers and sellers of this moving product.  

Ours has suddenly ceased to work and I found an excellent Company who will repair the Mother Boards plus they can repair Truma/Carver Fanmaster Heaters and recondition burner units for the Cascade Water Heater.

We sent ours off on a Monday and 3 days later it was back with us.  Excellent Service.  Website with details is